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By Catherine Blake - 20 Jul 2016

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Fortitude Valley, QLD 1 Image

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Sono Japanese Restaurant

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Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant

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Izakaya Kotobuki

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Bishamon Japanese Restaurant

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Harajuku Gyoza

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Whether hot or cold, clean or dirty, hearty or sweet, Japanese is unique in its ability to fit every occasion with the all-encompassing power to keep things fresh, vibrant, and interesting without straying from tradition. How does it do this? No one knows, but the word ‘sorcery’ has been passed around a bit. 
In a city where food trends are always on the in and out, and grown adults get schooled by six-year-olds on the correct pronunciation of ‘phō’, we thought it was time to brush up on Brisbane’s best Japanese so here goes:

Wagaya | Fortitude Valley

Cheap, cheerful and interactive, Wagaya is almost futuristic with the techno-efficiency of their ordering system that summons sushi, tempura, and noodles at the faintest touch of a screen. The discrete service and internal infrastructure of corridors and compartments is almost noir so I find it hard to believe there aren’t at least a dozen conspiracies hatched over some katsu on any given night. 

Nikuya | Fortitude Valley

The first thing you need to know about Nikuya is that it is a lot to take in. There’s a pretty flagrant barbecue situation, hectic bento boxes for lunchtime, a buffet option and a menu of bounty spread across this multilevelled testament to Brisbane’s ardent appreciation for Japanese cuisine.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori | West End

At first glance yakitori seems pretty straightforward, but few places that purport to offer yakitori actually lock it down. Purists require proper yakitori to be grilled on a charcoal fire (take a walk, George Foreman) and this is where Bird’s Nest winkles out its point of difference in a minefield of posers. They proffer authentic yakitori, slamming fries (bonus) and all the sake that you can handle responsibly. 

Hosokawa | Ascot

Good medicine is bitter to the mouth, but good sushi is better than finding fries at the bottom of the bag… I’m not sure where I was going with that but the fact still remains that the sushi at Hosokawa is the raw fish equivalent of a vitamin B12 shot that will leave you feeling fresh AF. 

Sono | Portside

Anyone telling you to find the happy is really just telling you to hit up Sono. It could be the river views or the plates on plates on plates of godsend deliciousness I can’t stop chowing, but a session at Sono always leaves me tickled and gooey with that warm, fuzzy feeling you normally only get from watching videos of otters holding hands. 

Mizu | West End

The uninitiated would likely balk at the prospect of a big old bowl of tofu for dinner. If this sounds like you, check your priorities because the first step in self-discovery is Mizu’s signature agedashi tofu. Pad out the rest of your feasting with some cheeky sushi and a couple of bottles of plum wine and paradise comes early. 

Saké | CBD

Our Japanese correspondent on the corporate strip, Saké’s flair derives from meshing food and art together in eccentric and mind-boggling plates that are almost too good to eat. I mean, we manage to scoff them anyway but not before spending a good four or five awestruck minutes baffling at a pile of food that looks better than we do. Eyes full, our stomachs reap the rewards of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine to hit the riverbank. 

Izakaya Kotobuki | CBD

It’s hailed as Brisbane’s trove of Japanese food, there is simply no end to the wonders and joys that await you within the pages of Izakaya Kotobuki’s almanac of sushi. Flavour, colour, texture, type — you name it, they’ve got it in spades making it absolutely brilliant for long lunches and dinners with the squad, ordering an entire corporate platter and eating it on your own. 

Fresh Fish Co. | Fortitude Valley

See the freshest fillets on James Street put into perfect practice at our favourite fishmonger-cum-sushi joint, the Fresh Fish Co. It’s a neat little operation that makes their sushi fresh every day from the fish in their own window — ideal for a quick takeaway lunch or casual dinner. That rule against getting high off your own supply obviously doesn’t apply. 

Bishamon | Spring Hill

From teppanyaki, teriyaki, and tempura to katsu, hot pot and sukiyaki, Bishamon Japanese is so suited to your fancies it’s like the Allen key of Brisbane Japanese. The eggplant slathered in sweet miso is an elegant declaration of how best to eat your vegetables, and the gluten free menu means you can bring your GF posse without fear of any sneaky contaminated soy ruining the damn mood. 

Taro’s Ramen | CBD

Easily Brisbane’s most well-known ramen restaurant, Taro’s has set the sub-tropical standard stupidly high for this famous Japanese noodle soup. In every fragrant whiff is the hard work and almost fanatical devotion of the man himself, Taro, and his legacy. Using only sweet pork from Bangalow and organic free range eggs from the Darling Downs, Taro’s refuses to compromise in his pursuit of crafting the perfect bowl of ramen.

Ramen Champion | Sunnybank

Besides making some of the best ramen in town, Ramen Champion also throws down the gauntlet for a food challenge almost too tantalising to ignore. If you can chow a monster bowl of ramen in under 30 minutes you earn yourself free ramen for a year and the titular honour of being crowned Ramen Champion. 

Harajuku Gyoza | Fortitude Valley

Two words for anyone visiting Harajuku Gyoza: raindrop cake. Just try it, you’ll love it. It will change your life and maybe your relationship status. And while I know the idea of a cake that is described as a ‘flavourless jelly’ doesn’t exactly scream delish, Harajuku says it’s all down to the accompaniments. Choose from sakura (cherry blossom) or matcha for a super-refreshing palate cleanser to round off what was probably a dumpling binge. 

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