Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainers

By Claire Kelly
9th Jul 2013

The idea for this story came after my PT, David, from Think 24hr Fitness, made me do what was probably my 1000th burpee. I was attempting to leave my body in an effort to distract myself from throwing up (by contemplating work - I'm not sure what this says about me), when I started thinking about the relationships we have with our personal trainers.

What is it about them that makes us return, week after week, to be broken down and built back up again by these self-confessed masochists? We tell them more than we tell our own mothers, they see us at our absolute worst, but they are always in our corner, pushing us to do just one more push up. I actually think this is probably because they are a little loose with the counting. No David, that was my 20th squat, not my 19th.

We asked you to share which Brisbane personal trainers get your heart racing, and we were overwhelmed with the response! We especially loved the fact that most of the suggestions were from independent and locally owned gyms, which is what we're all about here at The Urban List.

If you're in the market for a new PT, or just want to see if yours made the cut, read on and see who you voted as Brisbane's best personal trainers!

Think 24hr Fitness

'David from Think 24hr Fitness! Plenty of thought goes into every workout, and you're pushed to work harder than you thought you could.'
- Claire

Pure Health Clubs

'Matthew Norton at Pure Newstead gets my vote. He is a great trainer and has been the support behind transforming my worn-out body into a strong and healthy one! Thanks Matty!'
- Principessa

'Mark Gordon at Peak Element Fitness / Pure Health Clubs. Super nice guy who is supporting and challenges you. Plus now he has an adorable puppy to join in boot camps...'
- Robyn

'Matthew Norton should make the list. Our firm has been working with Matt as part of a Corporate Health PT Membership for nearly 2 years now. He is a great motivator and never lets us down. A lot of us have transformed and made lifestyle changes to our bodies and attitudes towards health, all thanks to Matt!'
- Justine

'Matthew Norton Pure Health Clubs - Newstead. He's a brilliant bloke, supports everyone, I wouldn't know a better personal trainer!!'
- Kurt

'Matthew Norton is the best personal trainer I have ever had experience with. He is very competent at motivating and keeping his clients interested and having fun. Not extravagantly overpriced, his training and advice helps his clients make noticeable results-based improvements effortless and affordably. He clearly has a passion about the industry and he goes above and beyond to instill that energy and enthusiasm in each of his clients.'
- Michael

The Zenergy Group

'Zenergy for sure! Everyone is great.'
- Natassia

'Tony Hebrard at Zenergy. He's an amazing trainer, keeps it interesting, is interested in you and achieves results that constantly surprise! He's also professional yet personal.'
- Tracey

'Jodie and the whole team at Zenergy. Wish I was rich and could afford more PT!'
- Jo

'Fully behind the team at Zenergy in Brisbane.'
- Madeleine

'Tony Hebrard and the gang at Zenergy. They display knowledge, discipline, are informative about good nutrition and, of course, hard workouts! They push you all the way with a positive attitude! They also display not only professionalism and confidentiality, but they listen to the needs if their clients and always shake things up. Top prize for Jodie Hebrard and crew!'
- Ute

'The team at Zenergy Brisbane! Best trainers around.'
- Simone

'Chris Samuels, Zenergy Brisbane.'
- Bec

'Tony Hebrard, Zenergy Brisbane. Best trainer ever, period.'
- Sean

'Jodie Hebrard and the gang from Zenergy personal training studio. Amazing sessions. They are passionate about setting goals and achieving them.'
- Leanne

The Training Ground

'I have been training with Em Smyth at The Training Ground for nearly 6 months now, and truly enjoy her training sessions and style. More recently, she has started a boot camp on the north side of Brisbane on Wednesdays and Fridays, which is a great extra group session! Em dedicates each session to achieving personal goals. I really recommend checking her out!'
- Dale

'Greg Lacy from The Training Ground. I think all of the trainers at The Training Ground are the best I have come across.'
- Jessica

'Greg Lacy from The Training Ground!!'
- Karissa

'Emily Smyth The Training Ground. She gets me lifting weights I never thought I could, and kicks my ass in every session!! And I wouldn't change it!'
- Nathania

'Brandon Morris at The Training Ground, dedicated, caring and motivating trainer who really knows he stuff!'
- Cheryl

'Brandon Morris at The Training Ground.'
- Renee


'Mick George from RAWNRG is the best personal trainer! Not only does he take the time to understand what the client wants and needs (should be a standard across the industry) he really gets to the bottom of what the client actually wants and makes that happen. No nonsense PT that tailors every training session to the individual. No wonder rehab clients go to him! He can tell you exactly why you are doing every particular exercise and what it benefits/strengthens, not to mention the excellent form he has in demonstrating each exercise.'
- Lyanna

'Mick George at RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts should most definitely be on the list of Brisbane's best personal trainers. He has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about life-long learning, which is rare and important in the fitness industry.'
- Phoebe

'Mick George and RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts are by far the best personal trainers and organisation in the Industry. The breadth of knowledge and commitment to clients is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend them!'
- Claire

'Without a doubt, Mick George from RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts. When looking for a person to support, challenge and take your comfort zone to a whole different fitness level it's so important to have someone who believes in their ability to provide you with the ultimate tools of success to achieve your personal goals!'
- Kerrie

'Mick George from RAWNRG Health and Recreational Concepts. He would have to be the best trainer I know. He was one of the biggest influences for me becoming a personal trainer. He is dedicated to his clients and has a lifetime of knowledge and experience, which he passes on to his clients. One day, if I could be half the trainer Mick is, I'd be happy with that. Definitely the best trainer in Brisbane/Qld.'
- Kris

'Mick George from RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts is an awesome PT. He breads a culture of excellence and commitment amongst his group. Always striving to learn more and better himself so he can better those around him. He challenges us, supports us and is dedicated to seeing us achieve our goals. He is definitely the best PT in Brisbane.'
- Danielle

'Mick George from RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts for the win!!'
- Amelia

'My vote Mick George from RAWNRG Health and Recreation Concepts.'
- Patrick

'Mick George from RAWNRG at Rosalie is the best for Personal training, rehabilitation, military training, and elevation training masks!'
- Alex

Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary

'Dean Weiss from Olympia!'
- Ilvana

'Dean Weiss from Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary.'
- Liz

'Dean Weiss from Olympia Body transformation Sanctuary.'
- Danielle

'I'm seconding Dean Weiss from Olympia! Best trainer around!'
- Michelle

'Dean Weiss at Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary in the City.'
- Johnny

Suburban Boot Camps

'Suburban Bootcamps' Trent Hole, Timmy Menzies, Aimee Holcroft and Sam Down - best trainers EVER!'
- Stacey

'Suburban Bootcamps are the best in Brisbane.'
- Nerissa

'Woot! Love my team at Suburban Bootcamps!'
- Leah

'I've done workouts with Sarah, Trent and Sam at Suburban Bootcamps and Jon at EpicWin over the past two years and couldn't recommend them highly enough!'
- Kent

'Suburban Bootcamps.'
- Holly, Kimberleigh, Asha, and Karen

'Suburban Bootcamps is amazing!'
- Bec

'Trent Hole from Suburban Bootcamps.'
- Tara-Jay

The Courage Corner

'Ben Minos from the Courage Corner.'
- Karen

Committed Training

'The team from Committed Training! They're all amazing trainers and wonderful people! It wasn't all about training, I also Iearnt alot about nutrition and tips for healthy eating too.'
- Krhistell

'The team from committed training Brent Coglan, Ben Thompson, Jason Clark and Frank Swindells. Their dedication, professionalism and expertise are second to none!'
- Nikki

Tom Laws Training

'Tom Laws training. Best boot camps ever at Suttons Beach with the commandos. Lovely guy.'
- Tom

'Tom Law from Redcliffe has a military background but trains with an element of compassion that suits all ages including the 70+ age group. Ali Finlay Fox, also from the Redcliffe Peninsular, is another very fine trainer that I have had great results with. Ali is a very intelligent trainer and combines her knowledge of different training methods to get great results for her clients (I've lost 15kg of fat and no muscle loss under Ali). I highly recommend both Tom & Ali.'
- Craig

Function Well

'Andy is the ultimate trainer and I can't speak more highly Function Well - I'd recommend it to anyone: young, old, male, female, fit or just getting started.'                                           - Susannah

'Les Hooper at Function Well Teneriffe.'
- Kate

CrossFit Coaction

'CrossFit Coaction at Geebung, if Crossfit is your thing.'
- CrossFit

Evolution to Wellbeing

'Amy Bridle from evolution to wellbeing - inspirational motivator. Does great work with CANTOO raising funds for cancer research while helping others reach their running goals.'
- Julie

Raw Fitness and Conditioning

'Raw Fitness & Conditioning definitely. Carla puts a lot of variety into my workouts to keep challenging me. Absolutely awesome!!'
- Tiffany

'Carla Di Fabio From Raw Fitness lives, eats and trains what she preaches. She is an awesome all round trainer and she motivates her clients thru her results and journey! Legend!'
- Melissa

'Carla Di Fabio at Raw Fitness - great trainer!!'
- Michelle

'I can also highly recommend Carla Di Fabio at Raw Fitness and Conditioning. I agree she should be on the top of the list. Great workouts with kids welcome!'
- Natalie

'Carla Di Fabio at Raw Fitness and Conditioning - awesome trainer, great motivator, fantastic results!!'
- Marisa

'Carla Di Fabio at Raw Fitness and Conditioning! Incredible results!'
- Anna

'I would absolutely recommend Raw Fitness and Conditioning with Carla di Fabio at Grange. Life changing, inspiring and child friendly too. She should be at the top of the list!'
- Rachel

'Carla Di Fabio of Raw Fitness and Conditioning in Grange - awesome no-nonsense group workouts as well as one on one sessions. Child friendly studio!'
- Kevin

'Raw Fitness and Conditioning - Carla Di Fabio is amazing!'
- Janessa

Pek Lees

'Pek Lees for sure. He carefully considers fitness and strength plans suited for your body. He instantly targets weaknesses and strengths and builds on that in a safe and results driven way. I know that this sounds 'typical' of a PT but it is surprising and scary how non typical this is. Pek also makes things fun and makes you want to achieve more than you expected. His enthusiasm and determination is contagious.'
- Nidya

'Pek Lees Is the best trainer I've ever had easy. Committed to getting your program right and makes it totally achievable and he's a sick dude!'
- Danny

'Pek Lees, Personal Best Fitness. Knows his stuff inside out, nicest guy you'll ever meet. Supporting, challenging, helpful, everything you could ever want!'
- Ben

'Pek Lees from Personal Best. Awesome trainer, knows his stuff. He's good at knowing when you can go further and is really supportive. Always gets you to your goals and makes training interesting, fun and affordable.'
- Ashley

Granite PT

'Jarrett Thomas Owen at Granite PT Great guys. Great trainers.'
- Andrew

Leif Erickson

'My PT, Leif Erickson, is the Best PT in Brisbane by far! He is so passionate about all his clients and goes out of his way to help them succeed. I have been with him for over two years now and not only has he re-educated me but trained me to achieve my first marathon, 200k bike ride, plus gave me the ability to believe in myself! I owe him heaps and I think he is AWESOME!'
- Kymberley

'Leif Erickson. Committed to each of his clients and will spend time to get results for each one. Will push you past where you think you can be and an awesome guy all round!'
- Leonnie

Bravo Fitness

'I think Bravo Fitness is right up there. Who knew I could do so many things?'
- Lachlan

Grant Cole

'Grant Cole would have to be up there!'
- Billy

The Results Room

'Alexander Thomas from The Results Room has been a great trainer, focused on correct movement first and foremost and focused on functional movement training. He's greatly improved my lower back problems and helped my general fitness a lot.'
- Gerry

'Alexander Thomas at The Results Room. Different approach different type of gym.'
- Damien

Fitness Done Different

'I vote for Kar Ria from Fitness Done Different also as he took me through my pregnancy and I am one of the owners of Fitness Done Different so I also vote all my PTs including Emma Barnet because we would not hire them if they were not the best in Brisbane! Just ask their clients!'
- Stephanie

'I vote for Riccardo Tallarico from Fitness Done Different - his knowledge, training style and dedication keeps you motivated and produces great results.'
- Janine

'Also I vote for Kar Ria who works for Fitness Done Different, both are clever trainers who always bring something special to their sessions and will not only keep you physically challenged, but also mentally challenged.'
- Fiona

'I'd have to agree with Cathy Thomson and vote for Emma Barnet from Fitness Done Different.'
- Fiona

'All the team at Fitness Done Different in Greenslopes but especially Emma Barnet, my fab trainer!'
- Cathy

Granite PT

'Granite PT at Coorparoo. Andrew Deasy and Jarrett Thomas Owen. Amazing trainers. Totally dedicated and inspiring!'
- Katrina

'Shout out for Granite PT! Andrew and Jarrett are amazingly good at what they do and have a loyal following because of it!'
- Hannah

'Andrew Deasy and Jarrett Owen from Granite PT. These guys are awesome, they walk their talk and constantly inspire.'
- Phillippa

'Andrew Deasy and Jarrett Owen from Granite PT in Coorparoo. They're a two-box set and compliment each other perfectly. Andrew is a nutrition genius with an immense understanding of weight training...and Jarrett is a professional boxer and MMA fighter who is a mastermind at all things combat related. Both of these guys really know how to bring out the best in you.'
- Sabrina

'Andrew Deasy and Jarrett Owen from Granite PT in Coorparoo for the win! Just be prepared to be absolutely annihilated.'
- Megan


'Thomas McPhail at fit2excel.'
- Jennifer

'Tom McPhail fit2excel Wonderful trainer and lovely man.'
- Justine

Infamous Physiques

'Davina Rankin - owner/trainer Infamous Physiques.'
- Lauren

Phoenix Elite

'Laura Bamford & Ross McLeod at Phoenix Elite MMA HAVE to be included!!'
- Kat


'MissFit Kate Beeley and Marnie Nichols from MissFit without a doubt!!!'
- Trudy

'MissFit Kate Beeley (Missfit), Darren Breaking Point Young (Breaking Point Fitness), Daina Kahu & Daniel Cook (Fitlife). All brilliant & motivating.'
- Trudy
Boom Personal Fitness

'Aaron from Boom Personal Fitness.'
- Mia

Project Fit

'Felicia Louise from ProjectFIT/ABBBC Holland Park.'
- Deb

The Training Spot

'Dayna Williams and Rickie Gibson from The Training Spot Albion. They've been in the fitness industry for a while now. They're caring, motivating, strong, passionate and never complacent. They always get their clients out of their comfort zones and get results! The best personal trainers I've ever come across.'
- Nick

'Dayna P Williams from The Training Spot at Albion!'
- Maria

Calma Health

'Sharna O'Connor & Calma Health. Her training and meal programs give results and to top it off her personalised service and dedication to every client is second to none. Very highly recommended.'
- Annabelle

Fighting For Fitness

'Phil Leaga at Fighting For Fitness - Fortitude Valley.'
- Emily

Health Defined

'Phoebe Mawer at Health Defined is a dietitian and trainer, she also has the biggest smile and endless enthusiasm.'
- Eliza

Breaking Point Fitness

'Marky T Cuzzu, Aaron Ellis and Darren Young from Breaking Point Fitness North Lakes. I've been going to gyms (and used to work in them) for over 30 years and I've never been to better. They smash us, but still take care to make sure we're doing things properly. In my mid 40s I've never been fitter.'
- Melinda

'Marky T Cuzzu unbelievable workouts and attention and detail to clients needs, wants, and abilities. Extra care to contact and motivate out of the blue.'
- David

Pride Kettlebell and Cross Training

'Simon Colley at Pride Kettlebell & Cross-training!!'
- Stephanie


'Nik Fit.Fun.Fab is AMAZING! There is no other trainer like her!'
- Jodi

31 Day Body Transformation

'Barton McGuckin, Casey Morrison and Sam Schneider from 31 Day Body Transformation... They always push you hard and keep things fresh so exercising never gets boring!'
- Tegan

Nirvana McBeath

'Nirvana McBeath inspires women in her local area.'
- Julia

Express Personal Training

'I work with the team at Express Personal Training in Ashgrove and I am achieving great results, as are so many of the people who receive PT here... I am down 5.6kg already and nearly at my goal thanks to their help and encouragement!'
- Lisa


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