Brisbane’s Best Scrambled Eggs

By Caterina Francesca
22nd May 2012

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it seems that we agree. Drive around some of the city's top cafes and you'll see lines banking up out the doors as breakfast lovers wait to indulge in their weekend habit. 

While we're fans of both sweet and savoury brekkie fare, there's one that always gets our mouths watering. One that has pesto, cream or cream cheese blended through it, to give that succulent, creamy and slightly salty flavour. One that is just as good to eat on its own or with your most favourite accompaniment, be it bacon, ham or salmon. And one that should jiggle like jelly on a plate… You guessed it - we're talkin' about Brisbane's Best Scrambies (scrambled eggs to those not down with the lingo)!

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The Little Larder | New Farm

My pick would be the pesto scrambled eggs. I normally can't eat pesto, not because I don't love it (and being Italian my nonna would be so ashamed of me right now!) but because it doesn't love me (will spare you the details). Thanks to the magical pesto at The Little Larder, I can now enjoy the beautiful green garnish to accompany my scrambled eggs.
Where: 76 Moray Street in New Farm 
Contact: 07 3358 2024

Comfort at My Table | Milton 

You will feel right at home when having your scrambled eggs at Comfort at my Table (except the eggs are never this good at home!). Serving up green eggs and ham (which are seriously green) or just plain Jane style, the meal is girlishly pretty and tastes just as good as it looks!
Where: 19 - 23 Cribb Street in Milton 
Contact: 07 3162 8574

Cirque Cafe | New Farm 

Dishing up perfectly fluffy eggs; accompanied by salmon or your breakfast meat of choice, you have (I think) probably one of the best scrambled eggs in town!
Where: 618 Brunswick Street in New Farm 
Contact: 07 3254 0479

Eurovida | Paddington

Another scrambled packed with truffled punch! Not only does the truffle flavour sing out to you, but the scrambled eggs are so creamy and fluffy and served with amazing, crunchy Italian bread.
Where: 208 Given Terrace in Paddington 
Contact: 07 3367 8816 

Anouk | Paddington

If you're after something different, the scrambled eggs and parmesan with toast and pesto butter at Anouk are a real treat. The flavours complement each other so well and the eggs taste amazing with the crispy bacon, which they cook to complete perfection!
Where: 212 Given Terrace in Paddington 
Contact: 07 3367 8663

Flamingo Café | Fortitude Valley

With a fun filled atmosphere, this place is on our list purely 'cause of their ingenuity! Their scrambled eggs are very honest and you get a generous serving. I recommend Scrambled eggs on toast with a Mrs Palmer & her five daughters juice (banana, pineapple, coconut cream and lsa honey ice).
Where: 5 Winn Street in Fortitude Valley 
Contact: 07 3252 7557

Stockholm Syndrome | Albion 

If you are after a something a little bit different, Stockholm Syndrome offers a touch of Swedish/Scandinavian flavour to accompany your eggs. 
Where: 340 Sandgate Road in Albion 
Contact: 07 3262 3738

Egg Bistro | East Brisbane

The name says it all. They sure do know how to do their eggs; they're  delicious and clearly organic, bursting with orange yolk colour. 
Where: 989 Stanley Street East in East Brisbane 
Contact: 07 3891 1675 

Pablo | New Farm

Caper and herb marinated Tasmanian smoked salmon, dill scrambled eggs, seeded peasant toast and smoked tomato compote… delicious much!? 
Where: 893 Brunswick Street in New Farm 
Contact: 07 3254 4900

Sisco | Spring Hill 

If you are after one of the best simple scrambles in town, Sisco's will no doubt hit the spot. Delicious free range eggs, perfectly cooked atop slightly toasted fresh bread. 
Where: 500 Boundary Street in Spring Hill 
Contact: 07 3839 4995

Harveys | Fortitude Valley

Now there are a few sneaky extras in Harvey's scrambled eggs, so if rich and creamy is your thing, they should be right up your alley.
Where: 31 James Street in Fortitude Valley 
Contact: 07 3852 3700 

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