Sugar High | Brisbane’s Best Bucket List Desserts

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Nov 2016

best dessert brisbane

If you had one last meal, what would it be? It would almost certainly be something sweet, no? When you’re looking to throw your ‘healthy eating’ choices out the window for a moment, it's an all in type scenario—this is no time to be hitting up the lollie aisle at Woollies (and don't even think about curbing that craving with a Kit Kat)! Trust us, there are a whole heap of incredible desserts in Brisbane that will leave you full, satisfied and provide you with a total sugar high!

We all love a good cheat day, so here are our ultimate Brisbane dessert bucket list picks. Spoons at the ready!

  1. La Macellaria’s Castiglione gelato. You can buy by the litre, if you're so inclined...
  2. You don't hear 'dessert' and 'degustation' that often, so hot-foot it to Bacchus for the dessert degustation of yur dreams.
  3. Order the ‘Death Row’ dessert at The Survey Co. It’s not always on the menu—and it always changes, to keep us on our toes—so keep your sugary eyes peeled.
  4. Beccofino’s calzoncino; calzone-style stuffed with nutella and banana. No, we're not making this up.
  5. The prettily-pink berry dessert bao at Bao Down Now.
  6. The indulgent valhrona chocolate ice cream with textured hazlenut, date and rose at Gerard’s Bistro. So pretty, it's almost too lovely to eat...
  7. Tuck in to the Bombe Alsaka at Les Bubbles. It's hot, its cold, we don't know what's going on, except that it's damn good!
  8. Deep fried oreos at Ze Pickle, topped with whipped cream and a literal cherry on top. Jesus...
  9. The pistachio and rose brownie at Dello Mano. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.
  10. Could the ice cream burger at Fritzenburger—a sweet bun stuffed with a chocolate ice cream patty, raspberry ketchup and custard—be better than their famed cheeseburger? It's pretty damn close!
  11. Deep fried bao ice cream sandwiches at Kwan Brothers. Drool…
  12. Kick it old school with e'cco Bistro's cookies and milk.
  13. Nodo Donut’s white chocolate and raspberry doughnut is a (sort of) sin-free treat.
  14. The whisky chocolate mousse at Paddington Deli & Epicerie is so decadent you will barely notice the million + calories you just inhaled.
  15. Jocelyn’s Provisions malted chocolate cake. You won't be able to stop at one slice.
  16. The unicorn cream pie at Chester Street Bakery: crushed oreo cookie base, chocolate mousee filling topped with cream and M&M’s. This is no joke!
  17. Mister Fitz ice cream sandwich. Cookies repurposed as sandwich slices? Bloody genius.
  18. The sweet potatoe fries drizzled in Nutella at Chip Tease is a sweet and savoury masterpiece.
  19. Greenglass' glazed fruits with vanilla youghurt parfait. It's practically dessert for breakfast, and there's nothing wrong with that!
  20. ARIA's sticky date soufflé with caramel custard is bordering on food-gasm territory.
  21. Tuck in to the banana split ice cream cake at Alfred & Constance. Sharing is completely optional.
  22. Zeus Street Greek's chocolate loukoumades are coated in melted chocolate and dusted with crushed walnuts. You know, in case the standard syrup-soaked versions weren't enough for you...
  23. Order the ichigo yuzu dessert at Saké.
  24. Probably the most delicious versio of an Aero bar ever, Spicers Balfour's chocolate aero with buttermilk sorbet, mint and strawberries is lick-the-plate-clean kinds of good.
  25. Bar Alto's tiramisu. No words. Just eat.
  26. The chocolate and hazlenut cake from Cake & Bake is smothered in dark chocolate ganache and decorated with dried rose petals. So dense, so damn good!

Brisbane is sweeter still if you can believe it! Check out Brisbane's best Asian desserts for even more sweet treats.

Image credit: Cake & Bake by Ariana Gillrie

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