Brisbane’s Cheesiest Croque Monsieurs

By Rachel Lay
15th Aug 2016

 croque monsiers Brisbane

The not-so-humble croque monsieur is the king of the sandwich world. If a toastie were to have a pin up poster hanging in their room it would be of a mighty fine looking croque monsieur: oozy, golden cheese on the outside (and inside) of the sandwich, lashings of béchamel, thick off the bone ham and a lot of butter between fresh, crusty bread. Or so we can imagine. These really are the toasties with the mosties.

Dello Mano


The croque monsieur at Dello Mano is what dreams are made of—or, maybe nightmares, if you eat too many of them, you know cheese dreams and all that—this is seriously one of the grandest croques we ever did see. The key to success with Dello Mano’s iteration is the sheer quantity of cheese you’re getting; it’s on the outside and inside of the sandwich. Plus, the ham is Christmas centre piece worthy and the béchamel is oozy perfection.  

Todd & Pup


Todd & Pup’s elusive croque madame is kind of amazing (a croque madame, for the uninitiated, is a croque monsieur with the addition of a fried egg—the queen of the sandwich world, if you will). Often found only on their breakfast specials menu, this little guy has ruined us for the rest of the croques out there. The perfectly runny fried egg sitting on top makes this sandwich perfectly acceptable to eat for breakfast. Now, to make it a permanent menu item…

New Farmers Kitchen at Watt Bar

New Farm

New Farmers Kitchen at Watt Bar know their way around a croque monsieur. Their version comes adorned with layers of Kurobuta ham and gruyere cheese. It’s true what they say, croque monsieurs really do taste better by the water. Even if we’re the only ones who say that.

Moose & Gibson


The Gibson Croque Monsieur is a goodun’. This Woolloongabba spot adds red cheddar cheese into the mix alongside gruyere and leg ham, of course. As with most things in life—beers, friends, puppies and lottery wins—two is always better than one. Get a side of the waffle fries too, trust us.

Brew Masters


Guys, this one is fancy, so pay attention. Brew Masters’ croque madame is seriously epic. What makes it so great? It’s served on brioche bread for a start, and jacked up with seeded mustard, oodles of béchamel sauce and accessorised with a delightfully runny fried egg.

Image Credit: Yaseera Moosa

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