Brisbane’s Most Insta-Worthy Menu Items

By Phoebe Grealy
19th Sep 2016

Brisbane Cafes instagram Meals

Food that tastes good, we love that. But food that tastes good and looks unbelievable? Let me just get my camera. Pretty dishes that are delicious are just better and recently we’ve noticed a number of awesome dishes in Brisbane’s best cafes that stand out like Angelina Jolie in a line up of wannabe Hollywood actresses. So we thought it’s time we brought you the most Insta-worthy menu items around town. Go forth and photograph.

#1 The Lemon Thyme And Blueberry Hotcakes at Seven South


Sure, the Lemon Thyme and Blueberry Hotcakes already sound great, but you have to see this dish to fully appreciate the beauty of Seven South’s hotcake creation. Topped with a dollop of smooth crème fraiche, dusted with pistachio praline and finished with pretty seasonal flowers, you’ll barely want to eat it and ruin the masterpiece.

#2 The Coco Pops For Adults at Gauge

South Brisbane

Gauge in South Brisbane is known for its envelope-pushing menu and unusual combinations, but they’ve gone next level with their Coco Pops For Adults dish. Make sure you get all the elements of the honey-roasted puff buckwheat, banana, whiskey, raw cacao and chocolate milk dish in the frame.

#3 The Cheese Wheel Cakes at Fromage The Cow


Have you ever seen anything as impressive as three incredible wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other, tied with a bow and surrounded by a base of grapes, strawberries and edible flowers? Talk about show stopping. Fromage The Cow’s Cheese Wheel Cakes are a revolution and I’ll be bringing my birthday forward a few months immediately.

#4 The Coffin Bay Oysters at Gerard’s Bar

New Farm

Presentation is everything and the Coffin Bay Oysters at Gerard’s Bar are the last word in glamour. The plump oysters are shucked to perfection and plated over a bowl filled with stones evoking a saltwater rock pool. The deep red dots of pickled Shitake mushroom dressing are the cherry on top.

#5 The Strawberry Shortbread Hotcakes at The Brass Barrel


Paddington newbie The Brass Barrel has caught our attention with some of the prettiest plates we’ve seen in a long while. If you think the Strawberry Shortbread Hotcakes sound like a dream, they are. There’s no bad angle on this dish. Snap the hotcakes laden with vanilla shortbread chunks, rich mascarpone and a scoop of maple gelato and watch your Insta likes blow up.

#6 The Unicorn Cream Pie at Chester Street Bakery

New Farm

Sure, the decadent Oreo-Crusted Cream Pie at Chester Street Bakery has been photographed a lot, but the wonderment will never die. The base of white chocolate cream, layered with chocolate whipped cream, layered with colourful M&Ms is a fantastical delight made to be in the spotlight.

#7 The 3AM Burger at Ze Pickle

Fortitude Valley

You might want to bring your professional photographic gear if you want to get a good shot of the 3AM Burger at Ze Pickle, it’s seriously that tall. Not content to include a hand pressed wagyu beef pattie and smoked bacon, the layer of cheese sticks and generous lashings of guac are made for Insta-boasting.

Image credit:  Rachel Baskerville

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