The Burrow, our new West End HQ

By Elspeth Nielson - 02 Jun 2012

The Burrow in West End is, as the name suggests, a cosy little place that's perfect for a mid-week pizza. The long, wide wooden tables and the cutesy vintage salt-and-pepper shakers are the first things that grab your eye - the second is that said tables are heaving with people, even at 6.00 on a Wednesday night.

Deliciously fresh ingredients, and a spot of reggae on the stereo, make this two-month-old venue the perfect fit for West End. The pizzas are just right – lots of stringy cheese and fresh herbs nestled atop crispy bases - and go perfectly with a bowl of beer-battered chips and a sneaky beverage or two. 

The Burrow is embracing the growing cider trend and offers a wide, bottled selection to keep things interesting, as well as an on-tap option, aptly named the 'Cheeky Rascal'. We're kicking ourselves that we didn't get to try the Cider Spider (the sign was hidden behind the counter), which owner David describes as the perfect combination of ice-cream and cider in one delicious science experiment. Tried it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Despite already being a hit with locals and ring-ins alike, David, is not content to rest on his laurels. Plans are already underway to open up a courtyard and even some laneway dining in the grassy alleyway beside the venue. 

Where to sit: There are plenty of nooks and crannies upstairs but, if you're feeling social, pick a spot at one of the communal wooden benches. 

What to order: Call us traditionalists, but you really can't go past a margharita – there's something about that cheese, tomato, and basil combo that's hard to beat.

Don't forget: Leave your mark on the giant chalkboard before you go. 

Where: The Burrow | 37 Mollison Street in West End

Contact: 07 3846 0030

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