Caffeine Cravings in the City

By Elspeth Nielson
1st Jun 2012

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a day without coffee is like ... zzzz.  My daily quest for coffee is ever evolving;   what I order and where I go really just depends on my mood at the time.  

Generally, I'm satisfied with a skinny cappuccino, but if I want something a little bit fancy then I'll order a vanilla soy cap. If I am feeling flat and need a pick me up I'll order a 'flat' white. Just kidding. On the weekends, there is the added complexity of the dilemma between getting a coffee or a milkshake. My solution? An iced espresso.  

As for the best coffee haunts in the city, here are my favourite places to get your caffeine fix, categorised by your objective:

If you want to be seen sipping your soy latte and make nods of acknowledgement to the passersby, these would be my suggestions. I would prefer Aquila for a business coffee chat and Spring for a more social coffee date.

Aquila | 82 Eagle Street

Spring | 26 Felix Street

Bar Merlo | Riverside Centre Foyer, 100 Eagle Street

If you want to escape from the hubbub so you can gossip about your work colleagues, then try either of these great spots:

Pourboy Espresso | 26 Wharf Street

Brew | 150 Queen Street

If you are short for change and feeling a bit lucky, then try your luck at Bar Merlo (there are a few around town) from 3pm to 4pm when they offer a coin flip for a free coffee.  I have been on a winning streak recently.

Finally, if you are in a hurry and just want the strongest coffee you can get in a cardboard cup, then try these two places. The green cardboard cups from Campos may be served from a modest coffee cart, but it is the most sophisticated and popular cart in town. Similarly, Hard Coffee may seem like a mere hole in the wall, but they certainly know how to go hard on the strength and time turnaround of their brews.

Campos | Corner of Eagle Street and Creek Street

Hard Coffee | Creek Street

Please do share any other favourite coffee havens around town!  After all, life is too short for bad coffee.

TUL Note: Eagle Street Yuppie is The Urban List's resident corporate fat cat - negotiating, with great stealth, the delicate ins-and-outs of our CBD pecking order. Be sure to peruse the Eagle Street Yuppie Blog for the best restaurants, bars, events, and retail haunts on offer; perfect for those chasing the Yuppie Dream in our fair city. If you deem life's little luxuries as daily necessities... this twenty-something, discerning lawyer has got you covered. 

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