The CBD Fast Lunch

By Elspeth Nielson
24th May 2012

Only have twenty minutes for lunch?  Still want to get out of the office and sit down to some decent nosh? Twenty minutes may sound like an ambitious time frame to dine out, but fortunately I'm a gal who loves a challenge.  Here are my picks for the best lunch hotspots in the city to satisfy the fast and the furious.

Nagomi Bento

Irasshaimase!  Nagomi offers authentic Japanese lunch options for those busy and important Eagle Street types who need their bento box and sushi fix in real time. Conveniently located at Eagle Street Pier, the corporate suits of Brisbane line up here daily to enjoy lunch by the river and a moment of zen away from the office.
Where: Eagle Street Pier, 45 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Sparrow and Finch

This popular eatery may be located in a laneway, but the menu here is anything but narrow.  Patrons flock to Sparrow and Finch for the delicious range of ready-to-go gourmet baguettes, substantial salads, classic roast meals and cafe treats.  I am addicted to the toasted felafel and ham wraps from this place, and I take full credit for making my work colleagues addicted too.

Where: 100 Creek Street, Brisbane

Green Grocer 

Turned a new leaf to eat super healthy?  Sounds like the resolution I always make and never keep.  But if you're looking for a fresh, healthy lunch without the guilty conscience, then Green Grocer is your answer.  It's my usual lunch hotspot to catch up on gossip from the other side of the city and enjoy a gourmet salad or energising smoothie.

Where: 275 George Street, Brisbane


Firefly has always been a favourite watering hole for after work drinks on Friday, but this open-air pizzeria bar is just as popular at lunch time.  Their infamous wood fired pizzas are served fresh from the oven in pronto speed, faster than you can say 'buon appetito'!  You may even have time to enjoy a sneaky wine too.

Where: 275 George Street, Brisbane

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