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Cocktails To Impress (And Undress)

By Sophia McMeekin
29th Oct 2014

So you've managed to get her attention. Your next move is make or break. Don't blow this precious (and let's face it, rare) chance to impress the lady by ordering a lame drink.  

A well-timed cocktail of the right tone and persuasion is just what the doctored ordered to sway your new friend, and ensure you're on your way to a successful personal encounter (or at least second base). 

Pick the right tipple and you could be getting lucky. Choose the wrong drink, and you've only got your personality to save you, and we all know how well that's gone, historically.

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To help you on your way from sobriety to suave success, these are the best cocktails for getting your chat on in. We've even broken them down by lady-type, for easy reference. 

Papa Jack's | Fortitude Valley

The Lady: That exotic lady you picked up in Boca Raton and now you don't know what to do with.

The Drink: Papa Jack's Mandarin Crusta — a heady mix of Tanqueray, quince liqueur, mandarin juice, Riesling, saffron and gentiane syrup, and Boston bittah.

Why It Works: Stand out from the beer-swilling crowd and order her this very grown up tipple from New Orleans inspired, anything-goes good times bar, Papa Jack's. 

Dutch Courage Officer's Mess | Fortitude Valley

The Lady: Sweet, slow blinking, and ladylike, this girl craves the comfort of dairy and the excitement of the unknown. 

The Drink: Dutch Courage's Mango Lassi — a house nougat-infused Tanqueray, Cartron mango, lemon, yoghurt, orange blossom, egg white, and soda.

Why It Works: The Dutch Courage crew know all about the power of alcohol (they've named their venue after its effects, after all) so won't let you down when it comes to cocktails. This beguiling and rich cocktail will send you straight to the top of the leaderboard.

The Alliance Hotel | Spring Hill

The Lady: She's preppy, perky, and unimpressed by your antics.

The Drink: The Alliance Hotel's Chalet Iced Tea.

Why It Works: Women are onto the old Long-Island-Iced-Tea-trick to get them drunk, but with this zippy new combination and cheeky name-change, it'll be her choice, not yours.

Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar | Woolloongabba

The Lady: She's hard-nosed, street smart, and in need of buttering up.

The Drink: Penny's Big Bang from Canvas is a calorific and decadent blend of Ketel One Vodka, raspberry, lemon curd, and mascarpone cheese, that tastes like a slice of raspberry lemon cheesecake in a glass.

Why It Works: Because 'Drink up darling, I don't like you looking so thin…' might just be the world's best pick up line.

Mighty Mighty | Fortitude Valley

The Lady: A girl-next-door type with limitless potential and limited concentration.

The Drink: Mighty Mighty's American Pie is a Fireball with cinnamon whiskey, Sailor Jerry, butterscotch, vanilla, and apple.

Why It Works: This is the drink for when she can't decide whether she wants dessert or a hangover. Why not have both?

Hoo Ha Bar | South Brisbane

The Lady: She likes a hint of danger, probably wears a lot of leather.

The Drink: Hoo Ha Bar's Fragum, made with tequila, orange juice, ginger and cinnamon syrup, lime, and strawberry jam, served over ice with a raspberry shard. 

Why It Works: The garnish comes in handy if she feels like getting kinky later.

The Fox Hotel | South Brisbane

The Lady: She's prone to narcolepsy, partial to sweets.

The Drink: Dandy Rooftop Bar's Salted Caramel Espresso Martini—Espresso, vodka, Kahlua, with a salted caramel praline.

Why It Works: A twist on the classic energizer beverage, this cocktail will satisfy sugar cravings, and perks you up for a second wind.

The Laneway | CBD

The Lady: A wallflower who's got some living to do.

The Drink: The Laneway's Tea Tippler #3 – Hendricks infused with Black Rose tea, lime juice, cranberry juice, sugar. Served in a vintage teacup with cucumber ribbons, alongside a rose petal and liquid nitrogen smog-filled teapot.

Why It Works: Girls go mad for anything served in a teacup: fact(ish). A great choice if you're trying to score points with a British chick or book lover.

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