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Crazy for Coconut

By Claire & Jas
5th Jul 2012

Despite it's typical association with tanning oil and pina coladas, coconut is not just for the warmer months. It's fat fighting, skin saturating and craving curbing ability make it completely winter appropriate. Here are our five favourite ways to eat, wear and cook with coconut.

Food of Australia Coconut Rice Bites
Made of organic coconut, brown rice puffs, tahini and rice syrup, these bites of organic deliciousness are perfect for your desk at work. No need to feel guilty for snacking non-stop, you better buy more than one packet! Coconut Rice Bites are available from the Food of Australia stall at the Northey Street Markets.

Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter
If you're looking for me, check the pantry. I'll be there, spoon in hand, eating this straight out of the jar. Hand made in Melbourne, this coconut chocolate butter will change your life. Loving Earch Coconut Chocolate Butter is available at Vive Hawthorne.

Coconut Body Scrub
Filled with exfoliating husks and shells, this coconut body scrub is made with Community Trade coconut oil. Use it once a week to slough away dead winter skin cells. Coconut Body Scrub is available at The Body Shop.

DIY Coconut Icecream
Dairy free and sugar free, whip out the ice-cream maker and whip up this little recipe. Perfect with a crumble… Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream recipe from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar blog.

Coconut Oil
Angus of Wray Organics has already shared the benefits of coconut oil for your insides, but you can also slather it on your outsides. The pure organic stuff can be used as a moisturiser or hair oil - two birds with one stone! We've also heard it's not too bad as an eye make up remover. Organic coconut oil is available from Wray Organics.

How do you coconut? Let us know in the comments below!

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