Croatia Has A Winery Under The Sea

By Simone Jovel
18th Jul 2017

If there was ever something to make us believe there is in fact treasure to be found at the bottom of the sea, this is it. Some wine loving legends over in Croatia have started the country’s first underwater winery, and you’d be correct in thinking we are every kind of excited by it.

Located in Mali Ston Bay off the coast of Drače, just one hour north of Dubrovnik you’ll find Edivo Vina and their underwater winery. In case you’re wondering, the wine isn’t made underwater but it is stored in clay jugs for up to two years before being brought back to the surface for your drinking please. You can even check out the wine at the bottom on the sea IRL, because who doesn’t love a dive with their wine? You’ll also want to marvel at their sunken boat wine cellar (we know, how is this even real life?).

Of course they also have a wine bar. This one is above ground though, you know for general safety reasons.

Choose who you visit Croatia with wisely.

Image credit: Pixabay

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