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Diner en Blanc Is Coming Back To Brisbane!

By Catherine Blake - 27 Jul 2016

Diner en blanc

If leadership spills and leaked emails have taught us anything it’s that sharing a secret brings people together in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Born of a Parisian whim almost 30 years ago, the secret soiree of Diner en Blanc is now hosted in over 70 cities worldwide of which Brisbane happens to be one. Come Saturday 22 October this year, our sunny city is hosting another pop-up picnic extravaganza on the sly expected to attract over 3000 diners and thoroughly trump last year's 2000 pax bash in Queens Park.

What it is exactly

A bunch of perfect strangers armed with eskies, hampers and white tablecloths descending on a designated location to bliss out in the city’s most exclusive open-air luncheon.

How to get invited

If you’re new to the game, just register your interest for a chance to join the steadily accruing memberbase of the planet’s most clandestine dining cult. The good news is that once you’re in you’re in for good and you’ll be welcome at every event (kind of like how sourdough works).  

Important notes

The dress code is limited to strictly white attire so y’all can look like a snowfield. If you anticipate that preening will take up too much of your time on the crucial day, drop a line to event partners Cuisine on Cue and ask them to put together a hamper for a stress-free morning ironing out your tails.

And just in case you were wondering, gatecrashing is strictly out of the question. The location is kept absolutely schtum until the day of feasting such that not even the stalwart guests know the exact location until led there from the assembly point. This is James Bond level secretive stuff, I’m pretty sure they communicate by carrier pigeon.

For more information and comprehensive details hit up Diner en Blanc Brisbane’s social media.

Image credit: Carribean News

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