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DIY Self Tanners for Winter

By Caterina Francesca
26th Jun 2012

There are few things more frightening than getting a professional tan in winter. The freezing cold spray is still fresh in my memory from last year... 

But, there's always that one function over winter where you actually have to reveal some skin and all you can see in the mirror is a pale, sallow complexion. Some DIY bronzing is in order on such occasions, but remember, not all self-tanners are created equal. 

Over the years, I have tested tons and tons of at-home self-tanners and have been met with disaster after disaster. Some have ruined clothes, some have turned me orange, and others left me so streaky you would think I'd applied it in the dark.

The five products below are my go-to tanners to keep you glowing all year round.

1. Naked Tan 2 in 1 Bronzing Mousse $45.00 - "This self tanner definitely gets our number one vote!" 

Where: Leon Brant Hairdressing | Shop 80 91 Queen St in Brisbane CBD

Contact: 07 3229 2283

Also can be purchased online at

2. Model Co Airbrush in a Can $38.00
Where: Online from

3. St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse $34.00

Where: Online from

4. Ella Bache Great Tan without Sun Cream $40.00  

Where: Ella Bache | Shop 38 Emporium 1000 Ann Street in Fortitude Valley  

Contact: 07 3257 1333

Also can be purchased online at

5. Mecca Sun Idol $48.00
Where: Mecca Cosmetica | Shop 2 at 19 James Street in Fortitude Valley

Contact: 07 3852 6960

Where: Mecca Cosmetica | Shop 21 in Queens Plaza on Queen Street in Brisbane
Contact: 07 3211 2223

Also can be purchased online at

Useful tips: You still need to follow all the guidelines that your savvy professional tanner gives you; if you cut those corners, you will get some nasty tan karma coming your way.

1. Always exfoliate the day before.

2. Put lotion on the bottoms of your feet, hands and elbows to prevent them from becoming too dark.

3. Apply a thick moisturiser to palms before application and then wash palms directly after you have finished applying.

4. After you tan, wait 10-15 minutes before putting on clothes.

5. Wait 6-8 hours before showering (best results after 24 hours).

6. Moisturise after every shower, and for best results twice a day. 

If you are after more beauty tips and tricks this winter, check out one of our recent posts: 4 Tips for Perfect Winter Skin!

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