Donut Day!

By Kate McCart
23rd Apr 2013

Donut Day has finally dawned! Yes, it's reared its doughy, sugary, jammy, god-damn-delicious head. And, it's fast surpassing Pancake Tuesday as being the best day of the year… Don't crucify me for being sacrilegious, but it just so happens that Donut Day doesn't occur a measly once a year, nor does it mean entering into a 40-day fast. Donut Day is every Thursday and it warrants no terms and conditions.  

Who's the brainchild behind this now-all-to-obvious-I-wish-I-invented-this idea? None other than, Morningside's Flour & Chocolate. Salted-caramel, chocolate, custard, cherry and strawberry jam filled donuts hot out of the oven EVERY Thursday morning. It's a seriously awesome addiction that we've become a little too accepting of, here in the TUL office. I'll tell you right now, the Thursday magic doesn't happen without 'em.

But wait, they're not the only ones doing donuts... Here are a few other specialists in the trade.  


Brewbakers have mastered the art of the jam donut. Or, should I say, sourdough jam donut. Yes, there is such thing as a sourdough jam donut, and it's delish. Did I mention they do bite-size ones too?

Botanica Real Food

Imagine if a donut and a friand had a baby... Well, quit dreaming because Botanica has given birth to a godly take on your ordinary old donut. And it's gluten free, too!

Gramercy Espresso & Eats
Ermahgerd! This new CBD coffee nook is literally giving away donuts—they're free! Keep your eye on their Facebook page, and get 'em hot out of the oven.

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