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Empire Records is Being Turned Into a Musical

By Yvonne Lam
10th Apr 2018


Winning the award for “Why Didn’t We Think Of This Earlier?”, your favourite 90s movie Empire Records is getting the Broadway treatment. This cult teen fave is about a bunch of young kids (plus Anthony LaPaglia) saving their local record store and yes, you read right, it will soon be adapted for the stage.

The OG scriptwriter Carol Heikkinen has been signed up to adapt the screenplay to a Broadway-friendly format, and they’ve secured an up-and-coming Broadway composer and lyricist Zoe Sarnak to do the tunes. Straight up, we’ve got some serious questions that need answering: Who will play Liv Tyler’s dreamy Corey? Will Rex Manning’s hit Say No More Mon Amour be as memorable as the film version? Will the showstopper tunes shock me, shock me, shock me?

It’s due to premiere in 2020 (which in our opinion, is too long to wait). In the meantime, we’re going to iron our plaid mini-skirts and put Coyote Shivers’ Sugar High on repeat. You’re welcome. 

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Image credit: Regency Enterprises

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