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Finger Painting: Nail Art

By Claire & Jas
13th Jun 2012

Hold up your hands if you've been neglecting the mani pedi lately? Keep them up if you've noticed the plethora of perfectly painted phalanges popping up on Pinterest and you're feeling a little less than polished? Time to jump on the nail art bandwagon and have some finger fun!

No need to get out the magnifying glass and tiny paintbrushes, there is a lazy girl way to get this detailed look without the precision of a surgeon. Nail stickers are quick and easy to apply and come in all of this season's trends - lace, floral and geometric. Mecca Maxima stock nail stickers in every pattern and colour imaginable and they work just as well on toes.

Where: Kit nail stickers are available at Mecca Maxima | Shop 2, 171-209 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

If applying nail stickers to every finger still seems like it's a bit too high maintenance, the trend on the web is to highlight just your ring finger with a touch of sparkle. Try new (formaldehyde and nasty free) Australian nailpolish brand, Hello Darling in confetti.
Where: Hello Darling is available online.

Seen any amazing nail art online lately? Leave us a link in the comments below!

(images from we heart it and cupcakes and cashmere)

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