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Foodie Hit List | Our Ultimate Top 10 At Eat Street Markets

By Jessica Pridmore
30th Jun 2016

Food; how do we love thee? From burgers to bibimbap, cronut cones to cupcakes, mega shakes to muffins, in all of its guises, food makes us all very happy little Vegemites.

And, given just how much we love food in this town, it doesn’t really surprise us that Brisbane has one of the largest, most successful open-air food markets in the country. Enter Eat Street Markets. With so many food groups, cuisines and hot-to-trot trends to choose from, deciding what to surrender those hard-earned calories on can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re navigating a case of the hangries. Nasty.

To give a helping hand (and because we got to eat our way through Eat Street—hazards of the job) we’ve put together our top ten picks to help you be more decisive when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Here’s your go-to guide for your next trip to Eat Street Markets.


#1 Sweeten Up Down Kombi Lane

Those with a sweet tooth need look no further than Kombi Lane to get their sugary fix. From The Doughnut Bar’s soft serve-stuffed cronut cones, to freshly made doughnut balls from Hot Balls, to Chocolate Komberry Co’s Nutella injectable doughnuts, this pocket of Eat Street Markets is death by all the doughies—in the best possible way!

#2 Throw Back Fresh Oysters At Shuck It

Got a soft spot for shellfish? Knock back some of the freshest oysters at Shuck It, where a half dozen shellies are hand-shucked to order. Whether you prefer yours au natural or dressed Kilpatrick style, not a whole lot tops an oyster shooter in our books.

#3 Share A Slice (Or 3) At Pizzantica

Easily some of Brisbane’s most delicious and authentic pizza, the boys at Pizzantica don’t mess around when it comes to the perfect base. Their first permanent digs aside from their travelling kombi oven, stop by for a wood-fired pizza and a beer. This is little Italy 2.0!

#4 Fairy Floss For Big Kids

Actually needed to be seen to be believed, watch as Mr Fairy Floss sculpts giant fairy floss sticks in every colour and flavour under the sun, fresh to order! Bringing out the big kid in us all, order one to share… or not. We wouldn’t judge if you had one all to yourself.

#5 Check Out Killer Acts On The Main Stage

Eat Streets have cultivated a bit of a who’s who of the local and international music scene on their stage—even the ever popular Devine Our Destiny have cut up the stage—and with fresh acts performing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, chomping down on your fave dish while listening to live acts has never been more thrilling!

#6 Perfect Patties At Red Gate

No one could accuse Red Gate of not knowing how to wrangle a hot grill. If you’ve a craving for a juicy burger, steak or bratwurst, here is where you need to head. Top off your order with a side of their killer wedges and burger sauce for the ultimate indulgence.

#7 Drop Some Cash On New Threads

A common misconception is that Eat Street is only for the foodie fueled, which is so wrong! If you’re craving a bit of a post-feed shopping frenzy, then drop by La De Da Vintage Fashions for trendy treasures and rare fashion finds!

#8 Indulge Your Sweet And Savoury Tooth

Not to be missed is MKR Grand Finalists Jake & Elle's Kitchen; an homage to indulgent feasts and trend-setting dishes. From their kick-ass cannoli (cream or ice-cream-filled tubes of heaven!), to the artery-clogging Return of the Mac burger, make this your first stop unless you want to be walking round with your top button undone!

#9 Lemonade And Laughs On The Lawn

Want to step away from the hustle and bustle to savour your spoils? Head to Eat Street’s grass lawn, complete with deck chairs and twinkling lights, to sit back and feast with friends. Before you drop it in to neutral, grab yourself a Tuttu Frutti ‘grown-up’ lemonade (a splash of something harder is right up our alley!) and soak up the atmos.

#10 Catch A Movie At The Drive-In

Stuff going to the flicks to watch the latest releases, (literally) drive in to Eat Street’s Open-Air Drive-In Movies for a night of cinematic charm! With an enormous 50 metre* screen, a vintage candy bar, and (not-so-vintage) Segway-driving staff on had to bring you anything from popcorn to Pepsi, watching a flick has never been so entertaining!

Video credit: Juicebox Productions

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