French Toast and Flap Jack Round Up

By Caterina Francesca
1st Jun 2012

When you don't get out for breakfast often, it is always nice to try something you wouldn't normally make for yourself at home. For me, that's something sweet and oozing with syrup, ice cream, or some kind of delicious (not so good for the thighs) cream. 

No matter how enticing their list of savory breakfasts may appear, I always opt for something sweet. Think stuffed with fruit, drenched in honey, topped with slices of bacon on layers of egg fried bread or steamy hot flap jacks...

Considering myself something of a connoisseur, these sweet treats get my vote...

1. The Chelsea | Paddington
You'll definitely blow your week's worth of calories coming to The Chelsea, but it's seriously worth it. Airy hotcakes with blueberry compote, lemon jam, and a generous dollop of double cream… Did I say double?
Where: "The Barracks" 61 Petrie Terrace in Paddington
Contact: 07 3367 1288

2. Willow and Spoon | Alderley
These guys plate up every version of sweet brekky fare you could want, from a stack of steamy flap-jacks to fluffy pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup.
Where: 28 Samford Road in Alderley 
Contact: 07 3113 3810

3. The Gun Shop Cafe' | West End
Brioche French toast – you can't get more French than that. Dished up with mascarpone, lots of berries and almond flakes, it's seriously delicious.  
Where: 53 Mollison Street in West End 
Contact: 07 3844 2244

4. Ponycat Cafe | New Farm 
Ponycat's raspberry and pear French toast with rum and raisin mascarpone will set you up nicely for the rest of the day. 
Where: 693 Brunswick Street in New Farm 
Contact: 07 3254 2883

5. Anouk | Paddington 
From brioche French toast with juicy berries, dollops of ricotta and swirls of maple syrup, to crunchy croissant-based French toast with ham and a generous amounts of cheese; you'll definitely feel like you are dreaming when two treats are placed in front of you.
Where: 212 Given Terrace in Paddington
Contact: 07 3367 8663

6. Cafe' Conti | Wilston 
A dessert for breakfast? Why thank you Café Conti!  Their apple crumble French toast is HUGE! Finished with macadamia mascarpone cream and drowned in cinnamon maple syrup, this is what I call heaven on a plate. Outrageously addictive, I've contemplated making this one at home. However, I think my gym instructor would prefer I save this plate as a weekend treat.    
Where: 102 Kedron Brook Road in Wilston 
Contact: 07 3856 5588

7. Eurovida | Paddington 
There is plenty to tantalise your tastebuds at Eurovida, but the orange ricotta crepes take the cake. And I mean real crepes, not like those plastic, fake-tasting hot cakes. These babies are served with a bitter sweet Valencia and vanilla bean sauce. 
Where: 208 Given Terrace in Paddington 
Contact: 07 3367 8816

8. Pearl Café | Woolloongabba 
Delectably sweet and not so bad on the thighs, Pearl Café's French toast has to be one of my faves. If you are after something sweet but not too sweet, their delightful brioche with mandarin curd, berries and amaretti mascarpone will give you the ultimate zing.
Where: 28 Logan Road in Woolloongabba
Contact: 07 3392 3300

9. Grub St | Gaythorne
The healthy pancake… Say what? When seeing this on the menu I was a bit puzzled. Obviously, I had to try the savoury pancakes from Grub St. Think carrot pancakes with beetroot hummus, labne, poached egg and red pepper relish. 
Where: 440 Samford Road in Gaythorne
Contact: 07 3855 9580

Here's our nine... can you pick the tenth?

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Image source: AteToday, taleof2kitchens, couriermail

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