The Great Gatsby: Glitter, Glamour and Girls

By Nadia Buick - 01 Jun 2012

Ladies, get your fur out; fellas, find yourself a three-piece linen suit... The Great Gatsby has arrived! 

The internet has been a-buzz with the release of the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's hotly anticipated adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic tale of decadence and heartbreak in the Jazz Age. But while the film is still a way off (set for release in January 2013), the stylistic influence is already beginning to show among runway collections and in high-street stores. Get ready for plenty of flapper hairstyles, beaded dresses, fur stoles and gorgeous jewellery. And, as fabulous as the women's fashions of the 1920s were, I have to say I have a particular soft-spot for the menswear... oh for a gent in a natty waist-coat, hat and brogues. 

When the Great Gatsby last graced the silver screen it was 1974, with Robert Redford playing the ill-fated Jay Gatsby, and Mia Farrow stunning as deluded socialite, Daisy Buchanan. Luhrmann has cast Leonardo DiCaprio and It-Girl Carey Mulligan to fill the shoes of these legendary literary characters, and added a large dose of his trademark over-the-top style to the mix. 

The 1974 film won an Academy Award for its spectacular costumes (my favourites are the men's clothing by Ralph Lauren). It seems likely that the new film may do the same again, particularly in the inspired hands of designer/producer Catherine Martin, Luhrmann's wife and creative partner. Together they've transformed the story into an excessive homage to the 1920s that is sure to infiltrate everything from interior design to hair-styles. 

And while we all wait, why not get yourself in the mood by returning to Fitzgerald's brilliant 1925 novel, and enjoying the decidedly 1970s film adaptation with its fabulous performances and a script by none other than Francis Ford Coppola.  Fashionable tragedy at its best!

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