We Know Where To Get Epic USA-Inspired Burgers In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay - 14 Sep 2016

Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers
Hanks Burgers & Beers

While your waistline may not thank us for it, tucking in to some of the USA’s greatest exports—aka, the not-so-humble burger—is one of Brisbane’s favourite pastimes.

We’re (amateur) experts in judging bun-to-cheese-to-patty ratio, and we’ll be damned if that bun ‘aint of the brioche variety!

One new Brisbane burger joint that has this seemingly elusive combo down pat is Hanks Burgers & Beers. Fresh off the ranks on Caxton Street, Hanks is serving up some of Brisbane’s best burgers, fries, chicken wings and shakes on the daily, and is a welcome reprieve from your standard pub grub! Vegos, don’t click away just yet—there’s a burger here for you, too.

Hanks burger menu is an ode to the burger motherland, the US of A, and we thought, what better way to get acquainted with Hanks, than to road test his soon to be iconic burgers.

Roll up your sleeves, get the wet wipes out, and let’s do this.

New York

When the namesake is one of the most iconic cities in the world, big things are expected from this classic cheeseburger. While there is no ‘big apple’ featured (that would, frankly, be a little weird), Hanks New York is a classic cheeseburger. Expect a perfectly cooked Angus beef patty, American cheese, their special sauce, Ketchup and Mustard between a brioche bun. A new icon is born!

New York New York

The New York’s big brother, this one is chock full of extra deliciousness. Double beef, double cheese, bacon, onion, pickles, Hank’s sauce, ketchup and American mustard. This is the finest example of a burger, and we suggest you sink your teeth into it, stat.


Infamous for the Kentucky Derby, and southern fried chicken, you’d expect nothing less than absolute flavour country from Hanks Kentucky burger. Tuck in to perfectly fried buttermilk chicken breast, with American Cheese, Smoke BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Lettuce and Mayo. Step aside, Colonel, this is one secret recipe we’re claiming as our own.


If Iowa doesn’t exactly sit atop your travel bucket list, we’re guessing it might find its way there after you get a taste of its namesake burger at Hanks. With southern slow cooked pork, crisp, fresh apple slaw, pickels, mayo and lashings of smoky BBQ sauce, this burger is a taste of the USA. Iowa, see you soon?


Ah Florida, you beautiful sun-kissed tropical corner of the US. If the iconic bright pops of 1950s architecture, epic beaches and promise of all-year-round good times aren’t enough to entice you to head Florida’s way, Hanks burger might just push you over the edge. Picture this: battered barramundi, lettuce, tomato, cheese, Hanks southern seafood sauce, mayo on a brioche bun. Oh boy. They’ve pretty much bought the plane ticket for you.


Vegetarians, take note: this is Brisbane’s best vego burger. This meat-free deliciousness is certainly not lacking on any flavour, no sir. Capsicum, eggplant, haloumi and teriyaki sauce take centre stage while the classic lettuce, tomato and mayo combo takes this burger to the next level.

Keen to try these burgers for yourself? Find Hank’s on The Directory.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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