How to Eat Out and Be Skinny in Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin
25th Jul 2013

Going on a diet bites. Going out to dinner while you're on a diet can feel pretty much impossible. With that, we bring you our totally unscientific guide to skinny-eats in Brisbane. Kate Moss would be all over this list.

The Raw Diet

Well, well, well. Aren't we hardcore? Eating raw can be tough (and no, we don't just mean chewing through all that uncooked roughage). Here are our picks for restaurants that are going to serve your food as nature intended. 

Botanica Real Foods | Botanica do a mean raw salad, and they're always using the hippest goodies to make it interesting (think kale and cashew cream). Their menu changes all the time, so our recommendation is to like them on Facebook so you're always up to date with the latest healthy deliciousness on offer.

Raw 'n' Juicy  | This little healthy oasis in the CBD prides itself on retaining taste, while staying raw, organic and totally good for you. That means you can tuck into their selection of salads, juices, and, heck yes, vegan, raw chia seed puddings, without a hint of guilt.

Orawgi | The Orawgi philosophy is all about embracing whole foods, organic produce and—those spandex-clad wonders—super foods! Orawgi serves up raw, vegan, sugar and gluten free meals to health-conscious Brisbanites, who were desperate for tasty raw dining out options before this little gem turned up on Ipswich Road. If you aren't onto the uncooked food phenomenon yet, this café may convert you. 


Eating paleo is big right now, but if it's legions of loyal fans don't sway you to get on the bandwagon, this might. On this diet, you get to eat bacon. 'Nuff said.

Primal Pantry | Primal has been killing it in the paleo scene since opening its doors to hordes of hungry paleo buffs a few short months ago. This Teneriffe newbie offers delicious grass-fed, organic, gluten-free breakfast and lunch options, while also housing a bevvy of paleo supplies to stock your caveman-approved pantry.

Symposium Café | While not 100% paleo, Symposium does offer a great selection of paleo breakfast and lunch fare. They also have sweet selection of gluten-free treats, and, perfect for the paleo who likes to party, they also do catering. 

Juice Detox

Ok, so this one isn't technically eating out. But, you can totally slip one of these into your bag and you'll resemble a fully functional member of society, completely indistinguishable from everyone who hasn't given up on solids for a week.

Urban Remedy | The Urban Remedy cleanse promises to kick-start your healthy lifestyle by ridding your bod' of all those nasty toxins that make you tired, crave sugar, and generally feel a bit gross. Delivered straight your door, these fresh juices aren't a diet, but they are a handy step on the road to slim.

Schkinny Maninny | Available in 3 or 5 day programs, the Schkinny Maninny program will deliver fresh juices, smoothies and soups to you at home or to your office (ok, that's pretty convenient.) And when you sign up they give you a handy detox goodie bag, with tea, detoxing bath soak, psyllium husk and a loofah mit! Win!

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