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ICYMI Messina Are Selling Game Of Thrones Gelato

By Ange Law
18th Jul 2017

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Last night Game of Thrones returned to our lives and left us wondering how we survived the last (almost) year. C’mon guys, you have to agree these last long months minus Jon Snow’s rugged good looks, Aria’s sneaky assassin ways and the threat of winter (it’s finally arrived, FYI) were a time best left in the past. Well Messina couldn’t contain their excitement either, and they’ve brought back their Game of Cones (see what they did there?) gelato series and we’re damn excited.  

ICYMI, the re-launch of Game of Cones means you can wrap your laughing gear around one new flavour each week to celebrate each of the eight episodes. A couple of oldies will be making a comeback, and there will also be plenty of new flavours to boot, plus they have an extra special treat planned for the final week, so stay tuned for that. They’ve kicked things off with the Sansa flavour—a burnt vanilla gelato with orange cake and chocolate fudge. Geddit?

You can (and absolutely should) consider it your personal challenge to try errrry single GoT flavour.

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Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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