Is This The New Rain Drop Cake?

By Rachel Lay
4th Aug 2016

Jelly Water Melon Harajuku Gyoza

Remember the rain drop cake? That seemingly flavourless, A Bugs Life-inspired rain drop-turned-cake that broke the Internet? We sure do. It was equal parts theatrical, weird, and kind of pointless, which meant it was an instant winner in our eyes. Even if just for the lols.  Plus, dessert is dessert.

Well, kids, there’s a new weird cake on the block. And it’s casting a pretty ominous shadow over the future of the raindrop cake as the only kawaii dessert on the scene. Here’s what we know so far: it’s about as kawaii as dessert comes, and it’s water melon flavoured. We also know it’s already pretty big in Japan, so there’s that.

It’s called the Jelly Water Melon and it’s here to up your Instagram credit.

Similar to the raindrop cake in that there’s a jelly situation going on, but made with fresh water melon juice so it’s got a whole lot more flavour, the jelly is pressed in the actual watermelon that the juice came from and it then decorated with chocolate chips to represent the seeds.

If this is all sounding a little too PG for you there’s also a vodka version, because why the heck not?! I for one am all for getting drunk of jelly, realistic looking water melons.

You’ll find the Jelly Water Melon at Harajuku Gyoza’s Fortitude Valley Store, so go on, try it. You can find out all the details on The Directory

Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza

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