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Yoga With Kittens Is A Thing That’s Happening And We’re Emotional Wrecks

By Catherine Blake
24th Apr 2018


This weekend Stretch Yoga turns four and to celebrate they’ve invited a metric buttload of kittens round to their studio. Why? Because what four-year-old wouldn’t want to roll around in a kindle of widdle fluffy kittens? And what kitten wouldn’t want to show up a room full of people with an effortlessly executed cat pose?

All profits from the classes will go directly to Kitt Kat Care, a not-for-profit animal rescue charity dedicated to animal welfare, who have also pledged to provide the delicate felines. Nothing like a little fun and philanthropy to kick off your weekend.

In each class students will stretch and bend their way through a series of poses while the little felines roam freely across your mats, and yes petting is not only allowed but strongly encouraged. But the kittens aren’t just there to snuggle you for an hour, if at the end of savasana you just can’t bear the thought of going home alone, you can adopt your very own kitten and take it home right then and there.

Sign up for a Stretch Yoga class and let the little kittehs show you how it’s done but HURRY UP THOUGH because there are only a handful of places left in each class. Secure your spot here and we’ll see you there!

The Details

Where: Stretch Yoga, CBD and Holland Park locations
When: 5.30pm and 6.30pm, Friday 27 April | 12.30pm and 1.30pm Saturday 28 April
How much: $40pp, available here.

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