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Lefty’s Has a Cool New Brother in the CBD: Sonny’s House of Blues

By Daniel Colasimone
21st Jan 2015

Sonny’s House of Blues is here, and we already know you’re going to like it. 

Why? Because it is brought to you by the guys who know what Brisbane wants to do at night before Brisbane knows itself.

Owner Jamie Webb and bar manager Mick Dwyer, who you might remember from such establishments as Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, have once again cracked the code with their latest venture.

Tucked away below Rowes Lane in the middle of the city, Sonny’s channels the kinds of sleazy bars you’ll find in Los Angeles, as well as the decade known as the 1980s. 

Wait, you didn’t know you wanted to hang out at an ‘80s-themed LA-style dive bar? Well you didn’t know you wanted to hang out at a Southern bluegrass bar either until you started going to Lefty’s every weekend.

The concept may be batshit crazy but it has been executed to perfection. The long room with low ceilings is packed with booths and low tables, with the kitschy bar near the entrance and a stage down the far end which everything seems to be focussed towards.

Dim lighting, sparkly pillars and multi-coloured twinkle lights overhead all, somehow, scream ‘80s rock ‘n’ roll. We were just kids back then, so wouldn’t have been allowed to go to check out the Los Angeles bar scene, however using our intimate knowledge of pop culture, we feel they got the mood just right. You half expect to see Tommy Lee slamming tequilas at the bar, or Arnold Schwarzenegger prowling about in search of Sarah Connor.

As ever, though, it’s not the concept that really matters, it’s the atmosphere, and Sonny’s has that sorted.  

Lefty’s is the easiest comparison to make as, while Sonny’s has its own style, it possesses the same loose and juicy vibe, just in a more condensed setting. What these guys seem to understand is that when work is done, the punters want to step into an entirely different ecosystem where the only requirements are to get sauced, eat, socialise and let the wild rumpus start – especially important considering this place’s inner city location.

Speaking of eating, the food is Mexican, well-priced and extremely tasty. You have to appreciate bar menus that don’t require much thought; whether you opt for the fish tacos or the papa chorizo quesadilla, you know you are going to be very satisfied.

There are some fun drink options such as slushy Jack and Cokes and frozen margaritas, as well as a wide range of tequilas and an abundance of other spirits and craft beers.

Due to the layout of tables and booths and a limited number of stools at the bar, finding a seat may be an issue at busier times, though the idea is not exactly to invite your parents there for a sit-down dinner.

An extra jolt of electricity courses through the venue when there is a band on stage, which is ideally when you want to be in the thick of things. 

There is also the all-inclusive mood that only a few Brisbane locales have mastered. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your work outfit or your denim shorts and red bandana, you won’t feel out of place at Sonny’s.

Pop in and see this new Brisbane bar for yourself. We’re never wrong about these things.

Want to find opening hours, contact info, and all the details? Head to Sonny's House of Blues' Business Listing on The Directory

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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