Love Mushrooms? Here Are 7 Shroom-y Brisbane Breakfasts To Try Now

By Rachel Lay
20th Aug 2016

Brisbane's Best Mushroom Breakfasts

Mushrooms divide the food world. You either love them—as in, really, really love them—or you hate them and would rather eat your own foot than anything that even slightly involves mushrooms. We get it. If you fall into the former camp, then you’re in the right place; welcome. If you’re a proud member of the latter, then bye. You aren’t welcome here, fungus hater. 

So here we go, these are Brisbane’s best breakfast dishes with mushrooms.

Merriweather Cafe

South Brisbane

Merriweather Café’s spelt sourdough flat bread doesn’t sound overtly mushroom-y from the outset, but once you delve a little deeper you’ll find this really is the mushroom dish for the ages. Piles of swiss brown mushrooms are accompanied by Jerusalem artichoke hummus (yes, this is a thing) and macadamia nut dukkah. In a nutshell it’s delicious and it’s the perfect vegan breakfast option that proves you really don’t need eggs to break the fast.

Kin + Co


Kin + Co’s mushroom ragout is breakfast subtly done right. You know those times when you go out for breakfast but you’re actually not that hungry and a coffee would do you just fine but you know you’ll be hungry later so you opt for a snack? Well that’s this dish. It’s like avo toast’s alternative, broody brother and we’re kind of obsessed with it. Slow cooked mushrooms stacked onto sourdough with micro herbs and basil. It’s delightful.

Pearl Café


Pearl Café sure do know their way around a breakfast dish. This includes knowing when to let mushrooms take centre stage. Enter the grilled scamorza toast, field mushrooms with marjoram and lemon. It’s delicious and the perfect way to inject a hit of mushroom into your breakfast session. Plus, life hack, you can add poached eggs for a full blown breakfast bonanza.

King Arthur

Fortitude Valley

Artichokes and mushrooms are a match made to rival that of the greats; Brangelina, Britney and Justin in that double denim combo… you get our drift. Long story short, King Arthur's dish will ignite a passion for mushrooms in even the staunchest of mushroom haters. Picture this: local mushrooms and artichokes served up with nuts, olive oil, sage and spelt. If you’re not drooling, what’s wrong with you?

Reverends Fine Coffee

Fortitude Valley

A delicious medley of mushrooms—served without the douchery of being labelled as a medley—showcasing enoki, field and oyster varieties served atop a turmeric potato rosti with cauliflower béchamel, pecorino and a poached egg, this is truly the Brisbane breakfast of champions. It’s a mushroom lover’s dream breakfast, which can seriously get around.

Goodness Gracious


In what could potentially be a dish of nightmares, the Mushrooms and Kale from Goodness Gracious works to create one of our favourite Brisbane breakfast dishes ever. Doing pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, the mushrooms and kale also incorporates an epic caramelised garlic bread and poached eggs. Hello best breakfast, ever!

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Image credit: Rachael Baskerville at Merriweather Cafe

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