The Fashion Trends Women Love But Men Just Don’t Get

By Bree Nowland
31st Aug 2015

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For the most part, girls pretty much dress for girls (except for when we bust out that Freakum dress, Beyonce-style). But what we and our female friends in fashion think is totally amazing, sometimes leaves our dear male companions shaking their head in confusion (eg. “A hun? What the what is that?! Can I eat it?”). 

We look at what fashion trends females are loving right now, much to the bewilderment of males pretty much everywhere. From contouring to culottes, Birkinstocks to big hair, these are the fashions that say “sure boy, you don’t get it, but I love it so am going to wear it anyway.” 

#1 Contouring

It’s unanimous, guys hate contouring. Or moreso, the idea of contouring… Thick cakey makeup and layers upon layers of various shades of foundation to create faux cheekbones does not get the man-tick-of-approval. However, if done right contouring can accentuate your natural features without looking like you have got a thousand layers of make up on. Want to know how to do it right? Read our guide here.

#2 High-waisted jeans or shorts

We’re thinking our waist looks tiny, our legs look three metres long and we are SO on-trend. Men are reminiscing about the jeans his Mum wore when he was a kid. But you know what? Contrary to those super low-waisted jeans we all used to wear, these bad boys hide away muffin tops and are so damn comfortable that we don’t even care. Let’s face it, Mum’s always right.

#3 Statement jewellery

That ah-mazing statement necklace you just invested in? Boys aren’t as enamoured with it as we are. Shiny, sparkly, blingy jewels don’t rate very high on our male list of loved fashion trends. We’re not really sure why though, because shiny! and sparkles! What person wouldn’t like them? And besides, if they make us feel good, then we’re loading them on.

#4 Tunic tops

The humble tunic, it sits somewhere between a top and a mini dress. We’re thinking we have those boys fooled—layering a luxe tunic over skinny jeans, creating the illusion that our legs go for days and our lower abs are perfectly toned… He’s thinking—is that a top? Or is it a dress? Pfft, it’s both and it’s awesome.

#5 High-low hemlines

You know… That dress that’s higher in the front, but lower in the back. It’s something we’ve been loving for a little while, but is also referred to as a “mullet dress” by some. Okay, we agree that mullets were a dark period in hair fashion history, but when it comes to dresses, we think they’re fun and actually kind of practical as they stop you from having to constantly ensure your hemline is, well, respectable—and if that equals a carefree night on the town, and that’s A-OK with us!

#6 Sequin anything

Similar to #3 (shiny! sparkles!), men apparently aren’t down with sequins. And while we probably wouldn’t drape ourselves entirely in the stuff, a little sequins here and there on a night out is completely fine in our books. 

#7 Culottes

Seen on everyone from Vicky Beckham to J.Lo to everyone’s favourite style muse of the moment, Olivia Palermo, culottes are making a serious comeback right now. These calf-grazing pants are questionably the pant-silhouette of the season. But, surprise, surprise, not man-friendly. The whole thing is baffling—why are they cut off? They aren’t pants, yet they aren’t shorts? Why aren’t they tighter? Okay, we get it! You boys don’t get culottes, but they’re incredibly comfortable and impossibly cool and they’re staying in the wardrobe. For this season, anyway.

#8 Birkenstocks

First it was gladiator sandals that men scorned, but now that they are so 2009, men have decided to hate our oh-so-comfy Birks. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we kind of saw that one coming. We all know Birkinstocks fall into the beautiful-ugly camp, but we love them because they are SO incredibly comfy, and actually look good with our high waisted shorts/culottes/high-low hemlines. Overruled.

#9 Wedge heels

Staying in the shoe department—wedged platforms, wedged sneakers, and wedged espadrilles—are all no good if you’re asking the boys. We all know they’re the perfect option to SOS (save our soles), but we’re told they look chunky and clunky. Look, rocking stilettos 24/7 isn’t happening and if we want a bit of height with comfort, we’re going with wedges.

#10 Tassels

Now, the dislike for tassels confuses us. Why the dislike? Do they remind boys of exotic dancers? We’re not sure why men vehemently hate these, but we think they add a little somethin’ somethin’ to our outfit, sooooo #dealwithit.

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