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By Kim Barnard
27th May 2013

If Kim K and Kate Middleton have taught us anything (and we all know, they have) it's that there are definite do's and don'ts when it comes to appropriate maternity fashion.

And, by maternity fashion, I don't mean, clothes typically labeled as 'maternity wear'. It can be very difficult to find beautiful, normal-looking clothes that can be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We've done a bit of sleuthing, and found plenty of options to keep you looking like you—just with a baby on board.

Here are our tips for navigating the minefield that is maternity fashion, and some suggestions for fashion buys that are neither frumpy, nor covered in pink bows… 

Bigger isn't always better 

While hiding the fact that you're with child might be very important to you in the early days, when the cat's out of the bag, the super-baggy clothes should be sidelined. (But that doesn't mean super-tight is the way to go, either. We're looking at you, Kardashian.)

Often, billowing tops and three-sizes-too-big dresses do not flatter, but rather succeed only in making you look like you've been eating lots of cake (which may well be true, but you've also got a baby in there!). 

We suggest finding something that flatters, but makes it very clear that you are in fact growing a human, and not simply harbouring hamburgers. We love the Antipodium Syntax Dress, from Blonde Venusfor a relaxed, 'yes, I'm definitely pregnant' vibe.

Elastic is your friend

Finding pants to wear when pregnant is not easy.  No matter how big or small you get, your normal pants are generally the first things to go. Enter, those awful maternity 'trousers' and a range of unflattering jeans. One trimester in and you're basically in pant hell. 

Never fear, it IS possible to wear normal-person items on your bottom half, without resorting to unflattering, shapeless concoctions. This is where elastic waistbands become your best friend. It's surprising how many options there are when it comes to a stretchy waist—just find something with plenty of give, in a versatile pattern and fabric, and you've got yourself a pregnancy wardrobe staple. Our pick is the Sass and Bide, The Way of the World pant, or Rachel Zoe's Emilia Elastic Waist Pants (find Rachel Zoe at Samantha Ogilvie).


Let's face it, by the time you're around eight months pregnant, squeezing into your leather pants and forcing your poor old feet into 9-inch heels, is not a great idea (or even physically possible, in most cases). At some point, comfort needs to come into play, and I say embrace it with open arms.

Ditch the heels for some cute ballet flats (we have our eyes on the Elise leopard print ponys from Sambag), swap your leathers for some stretchy leggings (we love the Ponti leggings by Pol and throw on a long, colourful top (our favourite is this reversible sweatshirt from Easton Pearson) and you're good to go.


Wearing the same shift dress/ballet flats combo every second day for nine months can get depressing. That's why you should opt to spend your pennies on pretty accessories that will jazz up an otherwise dull outfit and trick your work colleagues into thinking that you've got more outfits than you actually do.

A cute scarf (we love the h.t.c rust scarf from Calexico) or show-stopping necklace (try the Boheme Neon Necklace from Angle Diamond Dot, or the Ring of Roses necklace from Easton Pearson) is all you really need.

Back to Black

When all else fails, black is your friend. Versatile, stylish, and (thankfully) slimming, black pieces are a necessity in any pregnant gal's wardrobe. Whether it's a great tee for everyday, or a little black dress for a special occasion, black is king. 

We love the Bassike Oversized Longsleeved Shirt from camargue or, for something a little bit fancy, the midnight sleeveless long dress from Camilla, is total hippie chic, with plenty of room for expanding waist lines

Bare bellies—yay or nay?

Nay. Always, a resounding, nay.

Image Credit: Grazia Daily UK

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