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Meals On Wheels: 19 Brisbane Food Trucks To Visit Now

By Ellie Grounds
21st Sep 2015

Pizzantica Brisbane's Best Food Trucks

Pizzantica | Image credit: Esteban Rivera

Gone are the days when the term ‘meals on wheels’ meant dragging your feet after your grandma as you helped her with her charity work after school. Nowadays it’s all about the food truck – a humble vehicle of dreams delivering deliciousness here, there and everywhere. The food truck revolution has well and truly taken over and our fair city plays home to some awesome food truck events, as well as the rockin’ stand-alone numbers.

Here’s our round up of the best food trucks Brisbane has to offer.    

Downey Park Food Trucks

The team behind Downey Park Food Trucks know wassup. They knew you were getting a little bit sick of traipsing around Brisneyland to get your entrée, main and dessert food truck fix so they decided to bring it all together in one glorious act of convenience and ingenuity. Twice a month, thousands of punters descend upon Downey Park in Windsor with picnic rugs to taste the best grub the Brisbane food truck scene has to offer. The food truck line up changes every time, and has been known to feature favourites such as Bella BBQ, J’adore Les Crepes, Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van and Micasa Food Truck. Check out their upcoming events here and keep an eye out on their Facebook page for details on who will be rolling up to serve you mounds of delicious morsels. 

Food Trucks of the World

If you’re a city slicker who loves to tuck in to a food truck or market feed for lunch, this one is for you! Every second Tuesday, the best of Brisbane’s food trucks will be rolling up to King George Square to bring you Food Trucks of the World – a cluster of meals on wheels with flavours from every corner of the globe. The line up changes each fortnight, but expect to see legendary trucks such as The Bun Mobile, That BBQ Joint, King of the Wings and The Bone Lorry regularly in the mix. Food Trucks of the World takes place between 11am and 2.30pm every second Tuesday.

Little Back

It’s no mystery that food cooked sloooooowwwwww tastes 100 times better than food cooked in a flash. The team behind Little Back knows this all too well, and dish up slow-cooked numbers such as pulled pork nachos, curries, slow-roasted lamb shoulder and chicken and chorizo rolls. Their motto is “Makin’ it tasty!” and they have got that down to a damn fine art. Check out their ever-changing locations here

The Bone Lorry

More for the carnivores out there – The Bone Lorry delivers exactly what it sounds like it would deliver – big chunks of bristling, satisfying MEAT. Their food line up includes mouth-watering menu options such as beef cheek cheeseburgers, ribs, a triple-pig burger (yes, that’s THREE types of pig), salted beef deli buns and Vietnamese pork belly. Make sure you wear your stretchy pants when you pay this truck a visit. The Bone Lorry zips to events all over town, so check out where they’re off to each day here.


What do you get when you combine delicious Italian food and a VW kombi? The dream that is Pizzantica, that’s what! With a line up of delicious authentic pizzas and dessert calzones, this van bops all over town bringing Italian goodness to Brisbane markets. Their regular public events include Green Beacon Brewing on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Milton Mini Markets on Thursdays and the Jan Power Powerhouse Markets on Saturdays. Check out where they’re going to be next on their Facebook page.  Also, get excited because they’re opening a bricks-and-mortar home in Hawthorne in October! 

Chocolate Komberry Co.

This one’s for all the sweet tooths out there. Chocolate Komberry Co. is rolling around town delivering those crazy hybrid pastries you never knew you needed and now you can’t live without. Think cronuts of the peanut butter, Tim Tam and Oreo varieties, Snickers and caramel popcorn cruffins and Golden Gaytime doughnuts. You can find this truck at the Eat Street Markets every week. Check out their Facebook page for other locations. 

The Doughnut Bar

Will this doughnut phenomenon ever end? Boy do we hope not. The masterminds behind Chocolate Komberry Co. obviously don’t either – so much so they decided to start up a separate food truck dedicated purely to wacky reincarnations of the simple, humble doughnut. The Doughnut Bar trundle their crazy selection of flavours all over town, with stand outs including Golden Gaytime, Nutella, Mars Bar, Tim Tam Slam, buttered toast with burnt butter cream filling and ‘Netflix n Chill?’ (Cabdury milk choc glaze topped with salted pretzels, Tee Vee snacks, peanut M&Ms and filled with whipped custard). Check out their locations on their Facebook page or pay a visit to their home at 288 Edward Street.

The Bun Mobile

The Bun Mobile is a wheeled haven of delicious hand-crafted steamed buns. They have three standard flavours – the pork bun, the wagyu bun and the chicken bun – plus a daily special and a vegetarian option on rotation. Made with local ingredients and a whole lot of love, these buns are one taste sensation you don’t want to miss. Touted as Brisbane’s original food truck, The Bun Mobile has been bringing happiness in edible form to Brisbanites since 2012. Make sure to keep up to date with their Facebook page for locations and daily flavours. 

How We Rolls

How We Rolls serves up toasty brioche rolls filled with smoky spiced and seasoned meats and topped with delectable house made sauces and zingy and zesty salads. For the carb conscious, they have an open plate option of smoked meats and salads sans brioche roll. They also serve up sweet treats, with date and fig soft biscuits and gooey marshmallow-filled brownies. Keep up to date with their locations here. 

Red Robin Supper Truck

Once a roaming food van, the Red Robin Supper Truck has hung up its wheels but by no means have its team hung up their chef’s hat. Now situated in the backyard of the Southside Tea Room, Red Robin serves up an ever-changing menu including buffalo wings, pad thai, burgers, hot dogs, fries, breakfast options, burritos and cheeseboards.

King of the Wings

Wing, wing, wing! We have a winner! If chicken wangs are your kind of thang, the King of the Wings food truck is the one for you! They serve up five signature flavours: sweet bee sting, crunchy Portuguese crumb, American BBQ, southern spice and chillogy (hot ‘n spicy!) and can be found at Green Breacon Brewing Co for Wing It Wednesdays, as well as other spots around town.

Chip Tease

Whoever said ice cream and chips don’t mix was WRONG, and don’t the brains behind Chip Tease know it?! As well as their iconic dessert chips (think the Nutella Signature Sundae – sugar coated sweet potato chips drizzled with Nutella and topped with Chantilly crème), this truck serves up cones of original or sweet potato beer-battered chips, as well as chips loaded with delicious toppings like Canadian cheese and gravy, pulled pork and gravy and salsa, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos. The only thing better than nachos with corn chips? Nachos with beer-battered chips! Check out their locations here.

Oi Taco

If you’re looking for something a little more caliente in your food adventures, Oi Taco has you covered. Mexico comes to town with this truck, with a menu spanning authentic quesadillas and tacos, huevos rancheros and chipotle pulled pork rolls. The Taco mobile is constantly roaming, so stay in the know here.

Juan More Taco

If after all that you still need juan more taco… well, you know who to be chasing. Track down the Juan More Taco vintage red bus and you’re in for a real treat. They serve up traditional tacos – think tasty corn tortillas filled with slow-cooked crispy pork, braised beef and chipotle or braised pork. There’s always a vegetarian option as well. Keep up to date with their whereabouts here.

Fire’N’Dough Pizza

Another one for the pizza lovers, Fire’N’Dough serves up delicious wood fired pizzas that will satisfy any growling stomach. They’ve got those thin crusts and authentic Italian toppings down to a fine art. I’ve been lucky enough to be at a function they catered and trust me… these pizzas are the real deal. They’re always moving around Brisbane and beyond, so keep an eye out for their locations here.

Bella BBQ

 The burger gods were shining down on the team behind Bella BBQ when they came up with this one. If burgers are your Achilles heel, Bella has you well and truly covered. Check out their lamb burger (lamb putties rubbed in house rub and smoked then topped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint-infused beetroot salsa, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce) or the Mega Burger (smoky pulled pork plus tender brisket PLUS creamy mac n cheese!!!), or go all out and build your own burger. That’s right, these guys will take all the ingredients at their disposal and make your wildest dreams come true. No judgement, only deliciousness. Keep up with their locations on Facebook or over on the Bella BBQ app (how hi-tech!).

Local Mobile Deli

Ever wanted your local deli to sprout wheels and come to a location convenient to you? Your dreams have just come true. Local Mobile Deli is a food truck and catering service serving up beautiful handmade sandwiches made from scratch with a rotating seasonal menu. The team behind this truck pride themselves on their curing, smoking, pickling, fermenting and baking skills and put them to good use popping out delectable items such as ‘ The Rick Ruben’ (pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese) and ‘ The Carolina’ (chopped pork, apple and cabbage slaw). To find out which festival or event Local Mobile Deli is at next, head to their Facebook page.

That BBQ Joint

If you’re of the vegetarian persuasion, look away. This one ain’t for you. That BBQ Joint is all American, all smoke, all sticky sauce all up in your sticky fingers. Throw away your cutlery and grab your napkins – this is one helluva messy experience. Get your mouths around slow-smoked lamb ribs, buffalo wings with blue cheese and hot wing sauce, 12-hour slow-cooked beef brisket sliders with tangy law, pickles and Swiss cheese, chilly cheese fries or fired up beans. If you’ve got room left, choose from the Mississippi mud cake or the key lime tart. That BBQ Joint are set to be regulars at bi-weekly Food Trucks of the World event in King George Square, as well as travelling to a whole lot of places around Brisneyland. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date.

Vira Lata

If you’re after authentic Brazilian or Portuguese street food, chase down Vira Lata. All their delicious food comes from secret family recipes, so you know it’s gonna be good. Among other things, they serve up pork belly, hand cut mandioca fries, sloppy Joãos (rolls with Angus beef cheeks, Cape Byron maple bacon and black beans stewed in beer) and Brazilian-style fish and chips. Check out their Facebook page to know where to find them.

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