Meaty Menus from the Truffle Pig

By Susannah George
21st Jun 2012

Introducing our newest contributor, Truffle Pig. Ruthless, rotund and relentless, truffle pigs spend their lives rummaging around on the search for food to share with the world. And our little Truffle Pig is here to do just that. On the quest to find good food, be it fine dining or late night lamb sandwiches (salubrious speak for 3:00am kebabs), she will try try it all and eat it all... Indulge in her tales! 

The mornings are dark and the afternoons have melted into night... Yes, winter has settled once again upon my pigpen. The change of season has called for ugg boots to warm my dainty little trotters and brought on a very unfortunate sniffily snout but, as this little piggy gets colder, my other friends are hot to trot!

Restaurants around town are embracing my barnyard friends this chilly season, and why wouldn't they? We are all so delicious!

Popolo | South Bank 

Clever diners are getting some mighty good pork on their forks at Popolo. This South Bank haunt is offering a plate of plumb pig, served with spiced peach compote and anchovy sauce. So, sit back and listen to the sizzling of the suckling, while enjoying the views of the river and cityscape.
Where: Popolo | 3 Siden Street in South Bank 

Contact: 07 3846 7784 

Libertine | Brisbane CBD
Libertine is saluting the pig Asian-style; with their new lunch street-food menu, you can pig out on an organic pork ball baguette and Berkshire pork belly steamed bums.

Where: Libertine | 61 Petrie Terrace in Brisbane CBD

Contact: 07 3367 3353

The Lark | Paddington

If your socks and beanie aren't doing the trick, you can snuggle up by the fireplace at The Lark and enjoy a good old-fashioned Sunday roast. With the menu changing week to week, the chef will be roasting either duck, pork, beef, chicken or lamb from 12:30pm onwards.
Where: The Lark | 267 Given Terrace in Paddington 

Contact: 07 3369 1299 

Byblos| Hamilton  
Byblos are dishing up some belly-warming Lebanese comfort food this winter. I suggest trying the Moghrabieh – warmed couscous and chickpeas slow-cooked and topped with a lamb shank, chicken and traditional onion gravy. It's meaty deliciousness at its best. 
Where: Byblos | 37 Harbour Road in Hamilton 
Contact: 07 3268 2223

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Fore more tales from this little Truffle Pig have a squiz at her blog

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