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By Phil Swan
27th Aug 2013

You may have been fooled into thinking that Brisbane has its burger game locked down. We thought so too (I mean, how much more can you do with a burger?), until we heard of the new Miel Container in Brisbane's CBD.

Located on the corner of Mary and Albert streets in the city, two adjoining shipping containers house the Miel Container kitchen and eatery. The fire-engine-red containers certainly stand out among the standard, '50 shades of concrete' CBD colour palette, but it's the burgers that have had the city buzzing since they opened a couple of weeks ago.

Miel Container - Brisbane

The new kids in town have really stepped it up a notch in regard to quality of toppings available, premium cuts of meat, gourmet cheeses, and an impressive list of condiments, which is great to see, because we're big believers that sauce quality can make or break a burger (it's true!). Miel Container have taken the best bits of the traditional North American diner burger, added some Asian influence and flavours, and come up with some really delicious burgers that can't help but be inhaled.

What makes the burgers so great? It's all about the quality. The beef burgers are handmade in store from Australian grass-fed beef, fish fillets are hand crumbed, vegetarian burger patties are hand made, seafood twisters, onion rings, and calamari rings are all hand made and cut.

The menu is set up to cater for two ordering options:

  •  Design your own by choosing your bun, your meat, salad, cheese, and sauce.
  •  Or, if you struggled choosing which shoes to wear today, and the pressure of creating the perfect burger combo is just too much to ask, Miel Container have a list of excellent burgers for you to choose from. We loved the miso-smoked pork belly on a brioche bun, but, y'know, go your own way.

Miel Container Menu

Pork belly burger not your bag? Never fear, the Miel burger combinations are endless. All the classics are there: iceberg lettuce, bacon, avo', and BBQ sauce, and there's a host of special ingredients (think, gourmet tomato, mesclun, grilled pumpkin, caramelised onion jam, eggplant, triple cream brie, grana padano cheese, and cranberry jam) if you want to get all fancy.

If you're feeling particularly indulgent, you have to get one of the 'Chef's Special' burger sauces added—blue cheese sauce or creamy cheese sauce with balsamic reduction. Um, yum.

The crew at Miel know a burger isn't the same without having some thick-cut, beer-battered chips on the side, which is why they come included with every burger purchase. We like pairing them up with some red capsicum relish or aioli, because it rocks.

A Miel Burger and chips would fill even the hungriest burger lover, but if you're not a burger person (what's wrong with you?), they've got some awesome sides, snacks, and share plates as well.  If you can't find something to eat out of sweet potato wedges with sour cream, Miel fries with crispy bacon, mozzarella, and sweet chilli sauce, crumbed flathead pieces, and nacho chilli con carne, well, there's not much left for us to discuss, is there? Wash it all down with a local or Japanese beer and I'd say you've got yourself a Miel (geddit?) made in heaven.

For more information on Miel Container, or to leave your hot tip, click here.

Image Credit: Miel Container

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