New Brisbane Café and Coffee Spot, Queen of Pops Opens Today!

By Desta Cullen
3rd Jul 2015

Pop quiz: What’s better than a new Brisbane café serving up an amazing cup of joe, sweet (and savoury) treats and cah-uteness by the bucket-load?

One that does all that plus crazy coffee concoctions and…COFFEE POPSICLES! Um, yum?

Coffee power couple and downright caffeine geniuses Peter and Penny Wolff are the brains behind Queen of Pops, a brand new concept store and café in Clayfield, that we predict is going to become a Brisbane darling in a lickety-split (this power duo are also the brains and braun behind Hendra’s Dandelion & Driftwood—we’re talking Brisbane café royalty).

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of coffee popsicles, prepare to have your coffee-ingesting life changed because the humble coffee kick just got a lot cooler (read: frozen!).

Each pop in the ‘Crown Jewels’ range of popsicles is made from a double ristretto of specialty coffee in either a blend or single origin bean, and the ‘Hot Choc Pop’ is a choc lover’s dream.

Coffee snobs, don’t stress all of the pops have been made to replicate a barista-made handcrafted cup of coffee, and the beans are roasted by Peter himself. (Check out the house made Pop-oggato for a serious coffee hit!) 

The Wolffs are by no means one hit wonders though; you can get your chart-topping kicks plenty of ways at Queen of Pops.

The menu is a super-charged, coffee fuelled affair with some quirky additions, including a neat menu of bagels and sandwiches, and pastries and muffins to accompany your daily grind.

We’re especially looking forward to trying their on-tap nitrogen-infused coffees and teas (which we have on report look a little like beer), and their Pop Sodas promise to be the perfect fizz-a-licious sugar hit.

Coffee wonderland Queen of Pops is open Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 4pm and Saturday 7am to 1pm for coffee, breakfast and lunch and the popsicles are also availble in take-home packs. Find all the details here!

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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