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By AJ James
15th Sep 2014

Look out green-eating enthusiasts, there's a new kid on the block; new Brisbane cafe Raw Pawpaw.

Actually, no, strike that. Look out anyone who just loves eating good, honest and feel good food, for you need to add this new Brisbane cafe to your list.

Raw pawpaw new cafe brisbane

Think of Raw Pawpaw as the little sister of the very cool Pawpaw Café, but one who's more content sitting outside munching through a wholesome bowl of activated goodness, and possibly wearing a ranch relaxo outfit.

You feel them good vibes she's 'putting out there' (or is it channelling?), as you approach. It's all so very friendly and engaging, you see.

A white cottage (previously Café Bouquiniste) sits unassumingly tucked away on busy Merthyr Road. It's tiny and sweet and, unlike other offerings in the area, there's no signage that screams out, 'HI. WE'RE NEW. COME EAT WITH US'.

Raw Pawpaw new cafes Brisbane

Because, just like Noah showed, if you keep your head down and bum up, and build something that's doesn't just serve a purpose, but holds with it good intentions for others (e.g an ark or a haven of healthy eating), they will come.

And come they have since Raw Pawpaw opened their doors a few weeks back. Those in the know have been flocking for the good and rather green things the team have been dishing up.

There's no set breakfast or lunch menu, but a super number of options to choose from at any time. In the early hours you might be inclined for the acai bowl, or perhaps the lifestyle board – rich with eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and a few condiments for good measure.

Come lunch time, you'll probably opt for one of the salads. They sit in the cabinet and feature nutrient-dense combinations like spinach, kale, sweet potato. and macadamia nuts. To get a little protein in there, just add chicken, eggs, or salmon.

Or, my pick — ZUCCHINI PASTA! Rejoice fellow enthusiasts; we need not drive to Byron to get our fix. And there's has a super pesto and pepitas. And, well, it's glorious. So too the copious smoothies and juices on offer. Oh and the DIY taco ain't bad either.

Yep. Raw Pawpaw. You are a haven of health. We're predicting queues.

Raw pawpae new brisbane cafeRaw Pawpaw new cafes brisbaneRaw pawpaw New Cafes Brisbane

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Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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