New Brisbane Fitness Classes To Try Now!

By Phoebe Lee
14th May 2016

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Sick and tired of attending the same fitness classes each week? We hear ya! The key to to enjoying a good workout and getting the most out of it, is to keep things interesting. Rather than hauling your sorry self to the same ol’ class again, try one of these great Brisbane fitness classes instead.

Lock n’ Pop | Mad Dance House

If you’ve watched the cinematic masterpiece that is Rihanna’s ‘Work’ music video, you’ll have definitely tried to bump and grind your way around your house at some point. Don’t even try to deny it. Well, time to fine-tune those skills while also fine-tuning your rig, by taking a class at Mad Dance House. This place is really cool, offering up locking and popping classes as well as a dance bootcamp designed for those after a great workout, and we all know dancers have the best bodies.

Water-Based Fitness | Sleeman Sports

It turns out you can do more in the pool than just paddle around on an inflatable with a cocktail. At the Sleeman Sports Centre you can catch a few really great water-based classes, including aqua pilates and a deep aqua class, which is held in the dive pool and uses buoyancy belts and dumbbells. If that all sounds too intense, you can live out your retirement fantasy by joining in an aqua aerobics class. Sun visors and perms are strongly encouraged.

Karate Kid Moves | Integrated MMA

Striking. Throwing. Submission. No, it’s not a preview of the next ’50 Shades’ movie, it’s the Integrated MMA motto. Go full Karate Kid and take one of their awesome classes, none of which involve karate. They do, however, offer Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, MMA and wrestling too. It’s a great way to build confidence and unleash your inner Ronda Rousey, while building strength, toning up and burning fat.

Elegant Ballet Moves | Body Barre

For the ultimate Throwback Thursday, get yourself along to the Barre Body class at the Barre Body studio in Brisbane’s CBD. The workouts combine ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates which means you gain strength and tone your body at the same time. It’ll have you reminiscing over your ballet days in primary school, while getting one heck of a workout too. The Barre Body studio is pretty dang gorgeous too!

High Intensity Training | F45

For a serious sweat session, try an F45 class. These insane workouts combine strength and condition to form a really intense 45 minute workout that will push you to the limit. No workout is repeated, so each time you’ll find yourself doing something totally different. You’ll find yourself doing exercises like kettle-bell swings, skipping, squats, lunges and many, many more. There are a number of places you can catch a class around Brisbane, from Chermside and Nundah, the CBD and Southside too.

Trampoline Fun | Sky Zone

Bounce your way to a better booty at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline centre in Macgregor. It may sound like fun and games, but this one is a serious workout. There are a few instructor-led classes to choose from, include a booty-focused class, circuit, boxing and high intensity interval training too. The trampoline’s make the workout low-impact but really have you working up a sweat.

Circus Tricks | Circa

Just another good reason to run away and join the circus. In Fortitude Valley you’ll find Circa offering a range of circus-based fitness classes for adults. Try their aerials or ground acrobats class or opt for Circa Fit, which focuses on core strength, cardio, flexibility and strength. These workouts are not just great for your body, they’re a whole lot of fun too. Perfect!

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