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Brisbane’s Best Food Trucks (And Where To Find Them!)

By Ash Hopping
17th Nov 2016

best food trucks Brisbane

What is it about a make-shift kitchen on wheels that makes anything cheese-covered, deep-fried or chargrilled taste so much better? Brisbane's food truck scene has exploded in the last 12 months (I mean, we do have the best weather for outdoor eating) and there are now a heap of your faves cutting laps around town, and popping up at some pretty sweet locations. It's what foodie dreams are made of.

We've put in the leg work to give you our picks of Brisbane's best food trucks and where to find them. Hunt them down, and get your feast on!

Mr Burger Food Truck

Brisbane went into overdrive when Melbourne-born burger royalty, Mr Burger made their way to town. With not one, but two of their trucks making the rounds, there's only a matter of time until you clap eyes on their orange and white trucks, then tuck in to their infamous Mr Cheese, loaded fries and thick shakes. Where have you been all our lives!?

Where to find them: Mr Burger loves to move around, but keep an eye on their current locations here.

Red Robin Supper Truck

Two words, guys: Pork Nugz. Seriously, these bad boys alone are worth the trek to Morningside, but if pork isn’t your fave they will always have a menu to satisfy your taste buds. We’re also fans of the Buffalo Wings, and these guys make a killer burger. The Red Robin Supper Truck is kinda like a food truck/beer garden hybrid, making it the perfect place to veg out on balmy summer evenings.

Where to find them: Red Robin keep it simple, find them exclusively here.

Mac From Way Back

Mac From Way Back is a food truck dedicated solely to one of the world’s most tasty dishes: the humble mac’n’cheese. Yep, their signature seven cheese (SEVEN!) mac’n’cheese is featured in every dish, from chicken wings to chorizo-loaded fries and brisket burgers. Someone pinch us, 'coz this has to be a dream!

Where to find them: Mac From Way Back like to keep on the move, find them here.

The Bun Mobile

If you've somehow missed the food trend memo, bao buns (Tiawanese steam buns) are the shit right now. The crew behind The Bun Mobile have a loyal following, thanks to their ever-changing menu and delicious ingredient combo, literally following them around town to get a bite of their epic bao buns! Keep your eyes peeled and your appetites ready.

Where to find them: Hit up their location calendar, here.

Juan More Taco

Aside from having a name that’s fun to say (although for us it’s usually more like two or three more tacos), the Juan More Taco bus delivers authentic and delicious Mexican eats like you’ve never tasted before. These guys serve up hearty meals chock-a-block full of fresh fillings, perfectly flavoured meats and delicious salsa. And everything is made from scratch!

Where to find them: Get daily updates here.

The Bone Lorry

Sorry vegos, this is meat-eating territory! One of the first Brisbane food trucks (these guys have been arond the block and really know their stuff!), The Bone Lorry loves a good meaty cook up, and, you guessed it, meat off the bone is their specialty. From their famed ribs and pulled pork cheeseburger, to ever-rotating specials that are roasted, charred and cooked to perfection. if you're after a salad, this is not the place for you.

Where to find them: Check out their location calendar, here.


Nothing makes our mouths water as much as these three words: Pizza on wheels. Pizzantica is a favourite Brisbane food truck, known for their rave-worthy pizzas, which combine fresh ingredients with incredible bases reminiscent of genuine Italian fare. They even serve up a Nutella pizza, because they know your desert stomach needs some love.

Where to find them: Check out their page for regular location updates.

Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van

There’s nothing like the sound of the ice cream truck coming down your street, back in the day when the only cardio we got was chasing it with a fiver from Mum’s wallet. Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van is bringing back that nostalgia with delish soft serve cones served from an authentic old ice cream truck made in England back in the ’70s. Bonus: these treats are trans-fats, preservatives and artificial colouring free.

Where to find them: With regular weekly spots, check out Ruby's current location here.

Ze Quickle

If you're a fan of Brisbane burger mecca, Ze Pickle, then you'll be pretty stoked to hear that they've just brought out a brand spankin' new food truck! You can find them at Green Beacon most weekends, but stay tuned for more updates as they find their feet. You can expect their signature burgers, bubble gum lemonade and more! 

Where to find them: Keep your eyes peeled, or check their location here.

Vira Lata

Brisbane food truck, Vira Lata is our hangry savior. Halloumi hot dogs, loaded Brazilian fries, epic wings... We don't have much else to say other than they're the best. Be sure to check out their Tuesday night $10 cheeseburger special, too. Brisket, cheese, and their special Brazillian sauce. Gah, we're drooling already. 

Where to find them: Hit this link to find Vira Lata.

King Of The Wings

No Brisbane food truck list would be complete without King Of The Wings; they do sling out Brisbane's best wings after all! They've got wings to suit everyone's taste buds from sweet to mega-spicy—you'll find your perfect wings here. Make sure you check out their social media to find out where you can find their delicious wings each night of the week. 

Where to find them: Followers will know that KOTW loves a good brewery to stop and prop, but here's their weekly schedule, just in case.

Image credit: Mr Burger Food Truck

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