Paleo, Gluten Free And Vegetarian In The City

By Kate McCart
13th Jun 2013

What do you call a coeliac in an Italian restaurant? Hangry (a combination of hungry and angry). What do you call a coeliac joke? Lame.

Hilarious jokes aside, diet restrictions can really suck. Allergy related or lifestyle choice, it's tough. Rocking up to a restaurant to discover that you can't eat a single thing on the menu is a kick in the guts. Literally. Vegetarians attempting to dine at The Breakfast Creek Hotel on the other hand—I don't feel sorry for you. 

So, Paleo believers, coeliacs, and vegetarians, we've put together a hit list for diet-friendly spots to dine. Dig in.  


Primal Pantry

Newstead's new kid on the block is a Paleo-lover's heaven. Primal Pantry's offerings are 100% Paleo. Serving up delicious breakfast and lunch options to feed the hungry Brisbane masses is not all they are good for—they sell Paleo groceries, too. Educating the not so Paleo savvy, Primal Pantry also shares meal plans and delicious recipes. Right down the road from our office, it's our new favourite lunch spot. 

Symposium Café

Also down the road from our office (prime location, or what?), we love their Paleo-friendly menu. Packed with healthy and delicious food choices, great coffee, and a selection of smoothies, frappes, and juices, you'll love it too. I suggest the slow-roasted and pulled lamb shank—it's a real lunchtime treat. They also do fresh takeaway salads and delicious treats (hello, Paleo balls and brownies). 

Gluten Free

Mondo Organics

They're not just gluten friendly. They cater to the dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan, too. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Mondo Organics is a real winner. With a focus on organic, sustainable produce, they house a cooking school too. 

Lash Café

Hurrah cried the coeliacs! A whole café dedicated to us. Yes, that's right, Lash Café is entirely gluten free. Serving up brekky and lunch, they also have some seriously delicious sweeties. The gluten-free pastries, cakes, and biscuits are all good. 

Claret House

Every dish on the Claret House menu is pretty much gluten free. Or, if it isn't, it can be modified to be. With owner, Lili, a coeliac herself, they know how to win the hearts of the wheat-free. Say hello to pulled-pork sliders with chilli jam and pickled radish for lunch, and chicken, mushroom, and thyme potpie with parsnip mash, for dinner. 

Sun & Earth

This place is a health haven. The front cabinet is filled with gluten-friendly pies, sausage rolls, and salads. But, the real pick is their quinoa and brown rice sushi. Stuffed with fresh, crunchy veggies, they'll even throw in the tamari for free. 

La Via

Coeliacs will know that it's hard to find a good gluten-free pizza in Brisbane. Enter La Via in South Bank. This Italian haunt serves up some of the best GF pizza bases in town. Seriously, they're that close to the real deal. The mushroom, porcini, thyme, and truffle oil pizza is top notch. It's hard to go past the prawn, prosciutto, sage, and asiago one too. 

Fishmonger's Wife 

With no Maccy-D's and no K-Fry, fish and chips are a bit of a gluten-free go-to for a fast-food fix. But, we all know that fish is no fun without the batter. And, that's where the Fishmonger's Wife comes into play—they do a GF batter! They have a great selection of fresh, healthy salads to compliment, too. 



Seriously healthy, seriously organic, seriously GF, and yes, you picked it, seriously vegetarian. TUL's resident my-body-is-a-temple gal, Chey, recommends the lentil pattie served with salad. I know, it sounds dull, but apparently it's top notch. 

Sanitarium Kitchen

For a meat-less meal that won't leave you with a craving for a big, fat beef burger, head to the CBD's Sanitarium Kitchen. Right in the heart of Eagle Street, we suggest trying the chickpea and chilli fritters. The grilled haloumi salad and homemade gnocchi are also delish. 

Botanica Real Food

Paddington's most popular lunch and snack spot, Botanica Real Food, serves up an amazing selection of salads, cakes, and brownies. All of which are vegetarian, and a few vegan (and gluten free), too. You haven't lived until you try their strawberry cupcake. The vegan chocolate caramel brownie is also a winner.

Where have we missed?

Image Credit: The First Mess

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