Perfect Cold Weather Exercises

By Claire Kelly
18th Jul 2013

Cold weather (yes, we live in Queensland, 22 degrees is considered cold here) is not the greatest motivator to get you out from under your doona and up pounding the pavement. You know you're going to regret three months of hibernation when it's pool party season, but when it's still dark outside at 7am, warnings of the post-winter podge are replaced with gratefulness for a little extra insulation.

Lucky for you, we're bringing you our favourite ways to keep fit when it's cold. Read on!

Hoola Hoop Classes at Pure Health Clubs
If you're going to get up early or stay out after work when the couch is calling, there had better at least be some novelty factor. Pure Health Clubs' Fithoop classes use weighted hoola hoops, and if you don't feel the burn from twirling that baby around like you were five years old, your stomach muscles will sure get a workout from all the laughing you'll be doing. Braid your hair and bring along your bestie, to really get into the spirit of things.

Hot Yoga at Harlow Hot Yoga
The room's heated to 32 degrees, which means you can't go wrong. You only have to brave the trip from bed to matt, and you're on your way to bikini body. Head to Harlow A for a stronger workout, or just come and hang in child's pose if your heater at home is on the fritz.

Spin on Demand
The thought of riding a bike outside in winter makes your nose freeze, your lungs burn and the tips of your ears succumb to frostbite, try Spin on Demand at your local gym (try Think 24hr Fitness or Function Well). Based on a timetable, pop in to the spin room and be taken through your paces by a virtual instructor who cycles with you along the Tour De France track, or just around a leafy virtual neighbourhood street. All the benefits of outside exercise, with none of the chill factor.

Personal Training
If your friends are more likely to get drunk the night before your training session and stand you up, you might like to enlist the help of a personal trainer. Having someone waiting at the gym, plotting how many chin-ups they'll make you do for every second you're late is a great motivator. Check out our list of Brisbane's best here. Plus, it's well known that if you enlist the help of a particularly drill sergeant-esque friend, you're forfty percent* more likely to become a fitness model.

Pilates at Studio Pilates
It looks like the kind of torture device you'd find in a retro 50's horror flick, but Pilates is up there with the best cold weather exercise (and it's actually loads of fun). No laying on a cold cement floor here, just strap yourself in and feel your core temperature rise.

Getting up early still a challenge? We find it helps if you sleep in your gym clothes. This has the added benefit of an extra 10 minutes sleep in. (Don't judge, you know you've done it too).

*If Homer Simpson says it, it's a thing.  Also, not a real statistic.

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