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Pick Of The Precinct | Bulimba

By Catherine Blake
3rd Oct 2015

Best Restaurants Bulimba

With firm footholds in every aspect of blissful satisfaction (namely gelato, bread, açai, tacos, ribs, coffee, beer, books, brows and avo on toast) Bulimba is dangerously capable of breaking away and forming their own micropolis.

Sprawling with the kind of perennially cool cats who always seem to have their life sorted, slick shoes and slicker frames are a must for a toddle down the Oxford Street strip. (If you find yourself wondering why you never see these glittery dandies anywhere else it’s because Bulimba is so well equipped that they rarely find a reason to venture beyond Lytton Road.)

Motor over there and check out our picks before they appoint a head of state and convert the senior’s centre into a throne room.

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First thing’s first, let’s turn up the thermostat with a heatseeker’s tour of that bustling wonderland of Oxford Street. American fiends can get their hands dirty with a bucket of hot wings at Southern Attitude, while all the really loose cannons can be found blowing their tops with extra-spicy Mexican street food at La Quinta.

Cool the tingle with a handmade waffle sconce of all natural gelato from Nom Nom, or if you’re shredding, hit up the OG superfoodies at Coco Bliss for frozen açai or Raw Juicery for some cold-pressed freshness.

Breakfast fiends get their pep and bircher at Brother Espresso, as well as Bungalow 4171 who also cater to the indecisive with a tapas dinner menu. And proving that clean eating doesn’t need to be bland, the kids at Homeslice Kitchen do some of the best lunches in the hood, offering up healthy, fresh and tasty feeds for all and sundry.

best cafes rosalie

Giving Newstead a run for it’s crafty money, Bulimba is Brisbane’s spiritual homeland of the craft beer crawl. Nothing brings people together like a good drink and a top feed, and with institutions like the Oxford Tap House, Oxford 152, and Barcadia, it’s no surprise that Bulimba’s local community is so tight-knit.

best cafes rosalie

Whether it’s a pre-loved pair of Dr. Martens or a set of floral teacups like Gran used to have, punters on the hunt for those one-off finds will always find something at Anne’s Second Hand Shop for would-be hoarders. Finish off your spree with a gander through the racks at Frankie and the Fox and some daisy-fresh threads.

Dreary dwellings get a makeover with a visit to Home & Body to pimp your swag-space and a badass buncha blooms from the hella happenin’ Stalks & Stems.

Anyone fanging for an escape into a multi-chaptered alti-verse can pick their pleasure from any one of Riverbend Books’ myriad titles and have a nice cuppa at the same time.

best cafes rosalie

If your stare is growing a little bushy, Brow-Zing is the perfect place to have your elegant brow-flowers groomed to perfection. And while you’re pampering the temple, sneak in a cheeky body sugaring at The Sugar Studio on Riding Road.

Heading into summer the straw bag toting marketeers will love the Mamma Mia Market to stock up on boutique and craft finds. And you could always create your own and take up knitting classes at Side Street Vintage. They have tonnes of workshops for all skill levels and a support group for everyone bawling over a tangled mess of yarn.

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