Pronto Bucci Opens on James Street

By Sophia McMeekin
20th May 2013

We love a bambino at The Urban List. Baby's socks send us squealing, mini muffins make us mental, and don't even get us started on miniature pigs. So, when we heard our fave Italian spot on James Street, Bucci, had a little brother on the way, you can imagine our delight.

Pronto Bucci opens on james street for fast italian

Tucked in behind its big sister, Pronto Bucci—as this bambino is affectionately known—opened its doors today and we were there to see what this new kid has to offer. This hot new breakfast, brunch, and lunch location is Pronto by name, and pronto by nature. The service is lightning fast and super friendly, just what you need when you're looking for a bite to eat mid-shop or a caffeine hit when you've scampered out of the office for that (completely necessary) morning leg stretch. 

Pronto, while being the new kid, manages to uphold the impressive culinary standards of its big sister, though the menu has been reconfigured for a crowd who appreciates a faster pace. Italians may be most famous for their pizza and pasta, but boy-oh-boy can they toast a sandwich, and Pronto Bucci specialises in this rustic delicacy. They're serving up Piadina, a folded flat bread, toasted to crispy perfection, and Panini, a lighter, fluffier sandwich option with the freshest salad, cheese, and meaty fillings. 

If you pop in for a speedy breakfast, you'll be greeted with Italian pastries, granola, fruit salad, and daily hot-breakfast specials, as well as their toasted Italian sandwich line-up, which is available all day long.

But it's not all rush-rush-rush. If you want to take your time, why not sit a while and enjoy a relaxing beverage? They have ice-cold Peroni Leggera (on tap—just how we like it) and Dal Zotto wine by the glass.

This little brother looks set to be our new James Street go-to for breakfast-in-a-hurry or a quick bite on the run.

pronto bucci opens on james street for fast italian

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Image Credit: Simply Scratch 

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