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Red Deer: The Little Festival That Could

By Kim Barnard
15th Jun 2012

I am a music fan. I particularly like getting together with friends and listening to music (I know, I'm wild!). If I can listen to said music while wearing denim shorts and holding a drink, even better. 

What I'm not so fond of, is paying lots (and lots) of money to fight my way through swarms of sweaty people, line up for an hour for the toilet, then line up for another hour for a drink. And then repeat. I know, I know. I'm a party pooper and a scrooge.

Happily, there's a way to get your live music fix without the need for any of the above. The Red Deer Festival is on again, and it is proving to be the answer for those that crave a more relaxed vibe from their festivals. Held on a property in Mt Samson (out past Samford on Brisbane's north side), it's pretty much one big, musical party for the bargain-basement price of $65. This will get you a ticket to the one day, one night event, and everything else is BYO – drinks, food, chairs – meaning no fuss and no lines. 

Magicked up by a group of clever Brissy boys, The Red Deer Festival debuted in 2010 and the word has spread. This year Red Deer will be headed up by the beautiful Clare Bowditch, together with local boys, Regurgitator, while the rest of the event is dedicated to supporting local, up-and-coming talent.

There's nothing we love more than supporting locals on a mission, and this concept is definitely something to get behind.

When: 1st September 
Where: 291 Foggs Rd in Mt Samson
Tickets: Available now! 

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