South Bank’s Best Restaurants

By Laura Walkley
9th Aug 2015

Popolo | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

Southy-B, as the kids call it (legit), is Brisbane’s pride and joy. Anyone who’s grown up in Brisvegas will have surely sunned themselves on South Bank's fake beach and had their first legal beer at the Plough Inn. You might have had a picnic at River Quay in more recent years or suffered through an awful first date on Little Stanley Street, Brisbane’s version of Rodeo Drive. As Brisbane has grown, so has South Bank’s range of cuisine from around the world. So, where to first?

Here are our picks of the best restaurants in South Bank.

Julius Pizzeria

Julius is one of the best new restaurants in Brisbane, whose arrival in South Bank was a clear sign to Brisbane's foodies that this precinct's stock was on the rise. The brother venue to Teneriffe's adored Beccofino, Julius is as good, if not better, than the flagship. With a sexy, moody feel and some of Brisbane's best Italian food on the plate, Julius is a must-try South Bank restaurant.


Spaniards are all about sharing food with loved ones, and there’s no better way to combat menu indecision than Ole’s range of shared tapas. Churros for breakfast are acceptable here, and the energetic space offers an enviable functions package.

Aquitaine Brasserie

Stunning French fare with river views? Yes please! Aquitaine Brasserie is a charming South Bank restaurant with an impressive wine list, featuring both local and French varieties, boasting a menu that walks the line between traditional and modern French cooking like a boss. A perfect date night location, if ever there was one.


Perched overlooking River Quay, Stokehouse is the perfect place to secure a booking for a loved one’s birthday or a special event. The open-air vibe is ideal and the food is unparalleled, which makes for an all-round memorable dining experience. It’s too hard to pick an honourable mention from the menu, so I’m afraid I’ll leave you with the difficult choice.

Fish Lane Bistro

Ridiculously fresh Queensland produce is the name of the game at Fish Lane; this classic gastropub has nailed the moreish pub nosh brief. If you can pass up a perfect steak - and we rarely can - the half-poound cheeseburger is a thing of beauty.

South Side Diner

Of course, South Side Diner is on the list. Ever since they brought alcoholic milkshakes into existence, it’s surprising that there isn’t a constant riot outside to get a table. But seriously, if you’re looking for a big ol’ feed then you can’t beat the succulent crispy fried duck at South Side—it’s high on our list of the best south bank restaurants.


The joint that nails pasta on the head, Popolo brings the best of Italy to culturally diverse South Bank. With large plates to share with fellow diners and a six course chef selected feast for $49, the River Quay gem is one to loosen your pants for.

The Manhattan Line

Whisky and hotdogs are what The Manhattan Line prides itself on, bringing some ‘MERICA-inspired street-food straight to our door step. Pair one of the overflowing hot-dogs with a bottled cocktail—The Pharmaceutical Stimulant (espresso martini) is a delight, and the cherry cola cocktail feels very pop-art. This South Bank restaurants is also home to some of the best chicken wings in Brisbane. No joke.

Next Door Kitchen & Bar

Who doesn’t love a speakeasy themed haunt that caters for every meal of the day? Next Door’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are all beautifully original with one dessert containing ‘ANZAC praline’ and another ‘Nutella soil’. Excuse me while I scoff down my truffled parmesan fries and promptly order dessert.

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