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State of Origin Drinking/Bingo Game

By Daniel Colasimone
5th Jun 2013

State of Origin is here again, but by now we're all bored of Queensland thumping the poor little ducks from New South Wales every year, right? Right?

To distract from the monotony of unrelenting Blues-bashing, we have created this drinking game slash bingo game for you to play during Origin.

It was going to be just a drinking game but, here at TUL, we don't believe in encouraging heavy drinking as a way of having a good time, or as a social lubricant, or any of that nonsense. Especially when Rugby League is involved. Hashtag Bogan. So it's a drinking slash bingo game. Let's move on.

The rules are simple. There are 15 situations listed below that may or may not take place during the coverage of the game, and 15 phrases that may or may not be spoken by the Channel Nine commentators. 

Whenever one of these 30 events takes place, everyone participating has to take a drink. Or cross it off your bingo card, if you're playing that way.

That's all there is to it, good luck.

Image credit: The Express Line 

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