8 Alternative Fitness Classes Better Than A Gym Membership
By Alex Topakas - 11 Oct 2017

Does the thought of gym memberships make you’re stomach churn? Is the end of winter a sad, sad revelation that you have eaten and… Read More +

FREE Rooftop Fitness Classes Are Popping Up In The Valley Next Week!
By Shannon Coward - 28 Sep 2017

Everyone’s favourite spot for arvo drinks with a stellar city view, Eleven Rooftop Bar, is expanding into the health and fitness field… Read More +

A 70s Roller Disco Is Popping Up In Brisbane!
By Alex Topakas - 08 Aug 2017

Guys, it’s almost spring. Which means it's time to come out from your winter hibernation and get some incidental exercise in...… Read More +

Brisbane’s Best Yoga Studios
By Desta Cullen - 28 Jul 2017

Yoga. The stretchy exercise that's slated to cure an assortment of ailments has seen something of a renaissance lately. No matter what… Read More +

Brisbane’s Getting A Huge Indoor Skydiving Centre!
By Erin Curtain - 28 Jul 2017

Ever wanted to experience skydiving but are not hella keen at the thought of hurtling towards the ground at 250km per hour? Same. Luckily… Read More +

Where To Take A Hot Yoga Class In Brisbane
By Brooke Falvey - 15 Apr 2017

When the temps start falling and the ugg boots are pulled from the back of the wardrobe, motivation for working out often disappears… Read More +

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