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6 Hair Trends To Try This Season (And Which Will Look Best On You)
By Katie Stow - 16 Aug 2017

Spring is in the air and the winds of change are a-blowin’. It’s around this time of year we start a) becoming mildly alarmed… Read More +

The Pro’s Guide To Keeping Coloured Hair Looking Gorgeous
By Rachel Lay - 19 Jun 2017

Hair—it’s always one of two things; it’s either Victoria’s Secret worthy or it’s frizzy, damaged, and an… Read More +

The Best Late Night Hairdressers In Brisbane | 2017 Edition
By Brooke Falvey - 14 Mar 2017

Does the need to maintain your perfect 'do ever keep you up at night? Remember when hair salons only opened late one night a week and… Read More +

8 London Trends Australia Should Jump On Board With
By Anna May - 29 Oct 2016

Lezbihonest, England has a whole lot to learn from Australia. You know, mostly to do with the sunshine, beaches that don’t have… Read More +

The Dummy-Proof Guide To Mastering Beach Waves
By Ange Law - 21 Oct 2016

Hair is a hard beast to master guys and for me, every day feels like an uphill battle. I wish I could wake up with perfect hair, but between… Read More +

Should I Be Conditioning My Hair Before Shampooing?
By Anna May - 19 Oct 2016

Shout out to all of my flat, fine, or greasy-haired ladies. I’ve tried it all… And if you’ve entered the realms of… Read More +

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