The Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
19th Dec 2014

We’re on to the final sprint to Christmas, and if today’s your last experience of the daily grind for a while, we recommend you do as little work as humanely possible, and we have the perfect procrastination tool to help you. 

Here’s the best of the web this week.

To get you in the festive spirit, it’s everything Macaulay Culkin eats in Home Alone, ranked. He’s got milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

If Beyonce’s songs were about Christmas, this is what they would sound like.

It’s the world’s cheesiest pizza, made with 99 types of cheese!

In shocking news this week Kate Middleton wore a hoodie.

And Prince George got his Christmas portrait taken and broke the Internet with his chubby cheeks.

The final season of Parks and Rec will be set in the future. 2017 to be precise. If you, like us, cannot wait, here’s the trailer.

The end of the year means lots of satisfying ‘2014’ lists to give us a sense of finality we’d otherwise be missing. Here the Fug Girls countdown the best and worst red carpet moments of 2014.

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Image credit: Page Six

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