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5 New Shows Worth Streaming This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 07 Feb 2019

It’s been a strong start to the year for ye olde streaming services, and the hits just keep on coming. Netflix is delivering you some straight-weird (in the best way) black comedies with Russian Doll and The Umbrella Academy, while Stan has got the one-two punch of hilariously awkward comedy PEN15 and sci-fi mystery The Crossing. 

Sure to knock you off your feet, here are all the shows to watch this February.


Russian Doll

What if Groundhog Day was super dark? Well, then it would be Russian Doll. Nadia, played by Natasha Lyonne – everyone’s favourite OITNB alum (don’t pretend she isn’t) – just wants to get through her birthday party without dying. Again. And again. And again… Is it what she’s smoking? Is she going crazy? Can she escape the time loop, or will she embrace death? Again. And again. And again… Russian Doll is out now.

Dirty John

The dream of anyone trying online dating is to find the perfect partner. And the nightmare? Finding someone who loves you; except they’re a liar, a thief, and a convicted stalker. Based on a true story *shudder*, and the podcast by the same name, Dirty John is a crime thriller bound to freak you the heck out, just like the actually event did in real life. Dirty John is out February 14th (see what you did there, Netflix).

The Umbrella Academy

Superheroes, but make them weird. Forty-three children are born on the same day in 1989 to mothers who weren’t pregnant that morning (can we get an “oooh”?). A handful of them are adopted by a billionaire who starts The Umbrella Academy, a school to nurture their superhuman abilities. But, it all goes wrong and the family falls apart… until their adoptive father’s mysterious death. Now the group of would-be heroes must come together again to solve the case of their patriarch’s strange demise and stop the apocalypse. Naturally. Get your freak on February 15th.



Brought to you by The Money Island, PEN15 is an almost painfully relatable comedy about two 13 year olds bracing for year seven, excited for all their firsts – first kiss, first attempt at rebellion – and generally having no idea is going on. Oh, and it’s set in the year 2000. Think landline phones and glitter. If you remember having train-track braces, playing Snake on a Nokia 3310, and the sweet sound of dial-up internet, this delightfully awkward and hilarious show is for you. PEN15 is out February 10th.

The Crossing

Five hundred refugees wash up on a beach in Oregon. Less than 50 survive. But, if you were wondering where they all came from, you’re asking the wrong question. Not where – when. Over 150 years in our future, a terrible war has forced people to flee to back through time and seek asylum… however, they’re not the first to arrive here, and the others? Well, the other’s a different. A mystery/sci-fi/thriller that will have you debating theories with your friends, The Crossing is out February 28th.

Honourable mention: Stan will also be releasing seasons 1-7 of The Golden Girls on February 22nd. Need we say more?

Hungry for more? Here's our Best Of The Binge for this month. 

Image credit: Netflix

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