The List | Everything We’re Loving This Month

By Phoebe Grealy
23rd Sep 2015

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible!

This month, Marketing & Operations Specialist Courtney Barnard shares her must-haves and lust-haves with the world; from zen colouring books, to bright blooms and the latest Apple products, here’s everything we’re loving this month.

Fresh Flowers from Diamond Flower Co.

The idea of having fresh blooms in the house seems so luxe to me! Walking in the door to some of the Diamond Flower Co.'s pretties perched perfectly on my kitchen bench everyday, makes my heart happy!

Frank Body Scrub

I have been meaning to get on the Frank bandwagon for a really long time. Anything that involves coffee and rubbing it all over yourself for proven beauty benefits sounds good to me! I need a caffeine hit to start the day so why not share the love with my face?  

Gypsy Water Perfume

I have been telling myself for ages that it is time to move on from the mainstream department store smells to more of ‘big girl’ scent. And Gypsy Water From Mecca Cosmetica is what I imagine heaven smells like! Bonus: it’s also available in a handy roll on oil so you never have to be without it! If this is what gypsies smell like, then maybe it is time for me to purchase a caravan and hit the road!

Mirit Weinstock Earrings

Cast from tiny little paper boats, this earring is so much more than a piece of jewellery. It’s more like a work of art! Once again, the ladies at camargue have brought something into my life I cannot find anywhere else and of course, I cannot resist!

Victoria Beckham Aviators

Did somebody say Top Gun? I find it hard to go past a reflective lens, especially when it comes to aviators. I will admit, Posh was not my favourite Spice Girl (I was more of a Baby Spice fan), but she has really hit her stride with this fashion label business. Again, camargue is reponsible for bringing these into my life. 

New iPhone

Apple has gone and done it again... They’ve released a newer version of the phone I’ve already got, and of course I want it! I am not 100% sure of what it is capable of but I am sure it is going to change my life.

Magnus Collective

This one has been inspired by the latest resurgence of renovation reality TV programs and the fact that I have been doing renovations on my own house for over a year… Fingers crossed one day my house will all be finished and that there will be multiple pieces of art from Magnus Collective adoring my walls.

 Mindfulness Colouring Book

Who would’ve thought that a childhood obsession would be back with such a vengeance in 2015? There is something therapeutic about staying within the lines and using an array of well co-ordinated colours to create your very own masterpiece! I'm picking mine up from Avid Reader #gamechanger

Headspace App

There seems to be a theme in the things that I ‘need’ in my life! The Headspace Meditation App was introduced to me by The Urban List Director (and meditation guru) Susannah George a little while back and I quickly became addicted. 10 minutes of mindfulness a day… That’s all it takes!

Barr-Co Apothecary Candle

Those that know me know that I have an odd obsession with scented candles. Barr-Co's Apothecary Candle would have to be one of if not my favourite. It smells as food as holidays feel. 

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