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The Ultimate Guide To Going Blonde For Winter

By Desta Cullen
3rd Jul 2015

Winter-time is usually a time when life gets just a little bit darker; the days, our clothes, our accessories, even the shade we dye our mane.

But we like to be contrary here at The Urban List, and we were curious about what it takes to be a blonde for the cooler months. Yep, we ask the big questions here.

Because we like to get our sh*t straight when it comes to telling you what’s what and where to get your hair did, we hit up our most trusted crew of Brisbane’s best hairdressers to dish the dirt on the best blonde shades and tones for winter.

From ash to gold to pearly pewters, to concrete grey and mink, read on for our ultimate guide to being a bombshell blonde and picking the right shade this winter.

Blonde Ambition

Whether you’re a blonde already or about to take the leap, it pays to do your research.

“Not everyone can have white blonde hair,” says Madison from Epic Hair Designs | Mt Gravatt, “So you need to ask your hairdresser what blonde suits your skin tone and what is possible for your hair.”

Linka Jenner, premier stylist at Teneriffe’s White Gold Boutique—blonde magicians, by the way—says it’s all about that base.

“Your hairdresser needs to first make sure your hair is in strong enough condition to handle going a few shades lighter, and guide you on what suits in terms of tone.”

Which is exactly what the gals (Meikayla and Ellen) at Ink For Hair in Newmarket told us, too.

Shanais Parkinson at Toni & Guy The Valley says it pays to be as honest and upfront about what you want, and what you’ll be able to manage.

“If you are going for a big change, make sure you see someone with experience because it’s not a simple task. But most importantly be honest with them and be open to your stylist’s honest opinion—and the achievable outcome of the day,” Shanais says.

“Don’t be afraid to share your style muses and inspirations with your stylist either,” says Kate Blore, senior stylist at New Farm hairdresser Luke Reynolds Hairdressing.

“It’s really important to let your hairdresser know what kind of blonde you want to be. There are so many different shades of blonde to choose from, so it’s great to have a visual guide of what you want!”

Turn and Face The Trends

Seasons come and go, just like trends, and we’re all for experimentation and trying out new things. But if you think there are only a few shades of blonde out there, you’d be wrong.

“The new 2015 blonde is dimensional, natural, wearable. Highlights and lowlights define a look worn famously by Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie and Gisele. More solid, darker and richer blondes are becoming popular which is a more romantic look,” says Leanne from Paddinton salon Butterworth & Co.

Both Madison at Epic Hair and Linka at White Gold Boutique would opt for clean, crisp tones or natural creamy blondes for a classic look, but say that the beauty of blonde is being able to add lowlights for texture and variation when the weather changes.

Meikayla and Ellen from Ink for Hair in Newmarket identified the hottest on-trend blondes they’re seeing this season are “luxurious gold, caramel blondes and shimmering champagnes, but it’s really dictated by your skin tone and eye colour”.  

“You may have read about ‘tortoiseshell hair’ (rocked by Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian)—it’s basically the sister of balayage because it's a freehand, visual application of the colours gold, chocolate, chestnut and honey,” says Kate from Luke Reynolds.  

“But I'm also loving strawberry tones this winter too, which you can get in salon as a glaze that will fade out over 6 weeks.”

“Pastel, pastel pastel,” says Shanais “It’s bang on trend and everywhere at the moment. My favourite colours are pinks, peaches and purples but we are also seeing lots of gorgeous natural, soft, creamy pearly tones!

The hottest trend-driven tone this winter is a concrete grey or ‘granny-grey’ according to Kate at Luke Reynolds and Madison at Epic.

[Editor’s note: We’ve picked up a few buzz words in our research for this story so feel free to use them you in your quest for the perfect winter blonde tone: creamy, honey, ash, clean and crisp, white blonde, pewter, mink, concrete grey.]

Put Your Best Blonde Forward

No one wants to go from pop-star-Blondie-cool to marching band brassy after a visit to the salon, so maintenance is key. Hydration—or lack of it—is the number one killer of a good blonde do says Linka at White Gold.  “Keeping the hair well hydrated and nourished with home treatments as well as in-salon treatments will give you better blonde results, holding the toner for longer.”

“And don't forget you can always schedule a toner in between visits to help bring your blonde back to life, especially if you do a lot of swimming,” says Shanais at Toni & Guy The Valley.

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Image Credits: Taaz, The New Potato, Peres T Hair, Celeb Mafia, Globez Hair

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