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This Is Why There Are So Many Butterflies In Brisbane!

By Rachel Lay
7th Nov 2016

Butterfly swarm, Brisbane

Unless you've been living under a rock this weekend, you've probably noticed the swarms of butterflies fluttering around Brisbane lately. Pretty, isn't it? 

Long story short, thousands of Caper White Butterflies have migrated from Western Queensland in search of food—we can totally relate. The butterflies usually call the Great Dividing Ranges home, so we're pretty stoked to have them in Brisbane!

But why are they here? A combination of the warm weather and rainy conditions has encouraged the butterflies to er, get it on, and now there's heaaaps of them! 

How long will they stick around? Not too long, unfortunately. They'll be here for about another week or so until the food dries up then it's onto the next! 

Image credit: Jessica Hinchcliffe

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